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- KuraFire

Thanks, Faruk, for reminding me about the following little tidbit that I’ve been meaning to share here:

Pro Tip: When going to a strip club, use two dollar bills.

You get five times the attention for only twice the money. The ladies love them.

Plus, the other guys see the attention you get and put up two one-dollar bills at a time. Fives, even. So the dancers get a lot more money.

And it’s great to observe the anthropology of the situation.

Everybody wins.

I log mine in at Where’s George, as well, with a note for each that says “Plan to spend at strip club” so people who find them in the wild and log them in see that they had an interesting history.

I had stamps made to streamline the process and to make them stand out.

My favorite part is that there are two guys on the back who are talking to each other, so I make one ask the other, “Where’s George?”

According to Wikipedia, the questioner is Arthur Middleton and the questionee is Charles Carroll. There’s no mention of whether Charles Carroll knew where George Washington was. [citation needed]

This is my breakdown by year on Where’s George.

My activity dropped in 2008, the same year I joined Twitter. I guess it’s more entertaining to make dumb jokes on the internet than doing all this in an attempt to make strip clubs interesting.