kura haeckel

I made Bakemono Tono pixels whoop whoop

I was originally planning on uploading them all to seperate posts, but that would take too long for them to all upload, and this just seems more organized to keep them all in one post

Anyways, I just made the dateable boys and Alex for now, but, in the future, I might make some of the non-dateable boys or side characters!

High on every sound, all the lights are down

In this state of mind I wanna stop the time

And nights like this we own

And you will never be alone

Me and my friends grown tall, we make big cities small

-“Nights like This”, Icona Pop (x)

My favorite Icona pop song and my favorite gorgan monster boy uwu Oh yeah and jellyfish. Can’t have Kura without jellyfish.

Wherever they are it’s totally trespassing.

Bakemono Tono headcanons - Kura Haeckel

- If an insect is nearby when he’s talking his snakes with strike out and try to eat it.  Sometimes the heads will fight with each other.  They don’t need to eat, they live off the nutrients that Kura eats but having snacks makes them happy (and easier to style if he wants to do something nice with his hair)

- If something smells really good, his snakes with start flicking out their tongue a lot and leaning in the direction of the nice smell.  

- He has near perfect night vision, making it easy to do graffiti at night.  The downside is, his yellow eyes are easy to see and reflect light really well, so he’s better off running than hiding.

- Kura used to try to break into abandoned houses to paint on the walls.  He stopped doing that after finding out that it’s hard to tell if houses were REALLY abandoned in Bakemono Tono or not.  He has had the shit scared out of him on two separate occasions.  What’s funny is, both Anthony and Joseph were more scared/startled by a yellow eyed gorgon in their house in the middle of the night than he was of seeing a ghost or walking ragdoll.  Kura only sticks to exterior walls now.

- Orville can never let Kura stay over very long because if he leaves him alone for too long Kura will start painting on something he’s not supposed to be painting on.  Also, even though they’re good friends, they almost always get into art arguments that can get loud and messy, but Kura actually cares a lot about Orville’s feelings and will start panicking if Orville gets really mad and won’t talk to him anymore.  

- He can move very quietly if he wants to.  He likes to sneak up behind people and hiss in their ears,  Alex is a constant victim of this abuse.  He doesn’t do it to Orville anymore because geeze Orville hits REALLY hard.