Want to help Mogki spread the love? Well, now you can!!!!

Let’s all get together in August and celebrate each other and ourselves!!!

Mogki and her friend Mogita got together and decided it would be really cool to do themed weeks, kupo!

Every week, we’ll celebrate and explore a new topic! Mogki will create a reminder post like this and reblog it to remind you!

Make text posts (or graphics) about people and tag them “ffpositivity” so Mogki can reblog them!

Send asks to Mogki on anonymous so that Mogki can publish them!

Get Mogki in touch with some promos so that Mogki can promo you and your friends!!!

And make sure to really think about why these lovely, important, excellent people make you feel the way that you do!

Remember that it’s always okay to say YOU think you are really good at ANY of these things! You may send yourself anonymous shoutouts! You may make posts about yourselves!! Week 4 will be a self-empowerment week, so please don’t feel shy! You are allowed to love yourself!!!!!!

Week 1, Aug 1-7 : “Who writes really good dialogue?”

Week 2, Aug 8-15 : “Who’s really good at cheering you up?”

Week 3, Aug 16-22: “Give us some positive words you have for new RPers!”

Week 4, Aug 23-30: “What do you like most about your own RPing?”

Let’s get the word out, kupopopo!!!!!