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Reblog and see what color you get!

[Based on writing styles]

White: I’m really shy to talk to you, but I would like to write with you sometime!

Yellow: Your writing us great! Keep it up!

Orange: I can hear ____’s voice when I read your writing!

Pink: I like your writing, it just needs a little tweaking! [Specify]

Red: I admire your writing and stories from afar. Just know I always read them.

Maroon: Eh, your writing is ok.

Magenta: I aspire to write like you.

Purple: Your writing needs a little work.

Violet: I wish you would write more.

Aquamarine: Can you write a drabble between our two characters?

Blue: You need to improve your writing

Navy: I have a hard time understanding your writing.

Gray: You should put more description into your writing.

Black: Your writing is terrible.

Silver: How are you not famous for your writing? O_O

Brown: Your writing seems a little bleak. Would you like some tips or advice from me?

170216 - Ogami Banri Twitter Update

Riku-kun’s skillfully drawing a design in mayonnaise. Tamaki-kun is making a very triumphant face as well!

※ Note: Riku, Sogo, and Tamaki are eating okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake (sometimes likened to a crepe or pizza instead) featuring batter and cabbage as the star ingredients. Toppings can vary from person to person, ranging from meat to ramen noodles! Hiroshima (where the boys are eating) has a long-standing rivalry with Osaka regarding who prepares the best okonomiyaki. The difference between them is Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki always layers the ingredients while Osaka-style okonomiyaki always mixes them. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki also uses a lot more cabbage. Don’t forget to give them a taste if you’re ever visiting Hiroshima or Osaka while in Japan!


So how I make the glitch effects for both Fatal and the comic is probably the thing I get asked the most about, haha. That and the red eye hug thing :)

And I know some of ya’ll have been asking for a WHILE now (like, a few of the very first asks on this blog were about the glitches), so I apologize for taking so long to finally get around to explain it. I knew I wanted to do something like this and I just needed some time to get it done. Hope it’s worth the wait, and I hope you find it helpful :)