kuo chui

towritecomicsonherarms  asked:

RIGHT! You've got a time machine and an unlimited budget. Your goal: Make the greatest martial arts film of all time. You can use anyone from any period in time. Who are the good guys? The villains? the old masters? Who fights who? what styles? Where? what? WHO!? 321go.

I’d have an 80′s set kung fu film, so there wouldn’t really be any old masters. Maybe have Phillip Ko Fei (who recently passed away) play someone’s father as a cameo. Maybe he can bust out some old school shapes at some point.
The main plot would involve Jackie Chan as the good guy and Sammo Hung as the bad guy. Sammo’s main henchman would be Yuen Biao meaning that, at some point, you’re going to have a Sammo, Jackie, Yuen Biao showdown which has only happened on screen once and, even then, it was a comedic fight. I’d have those guys go at it.
I’d make the Korean super-kicker Hwang Jang Lee a good guy, along with Jackie, and I’d have him go against another Korean super-kicker, Kim Won-Jin. That fight would be fucking bonkers.
While most fights would be in that 80′s kickboxing style Jackie et al are known for, I’d have to have at least one old school shapes fight. Maybe I’d have Lau Kar Leung star as the police chief who gets into it Kuo Chui from the Venoms crew. Kuo Chui could be hired to kill Lau Kar Leung and they end up having an old school clash of styles in the police station: Snake fist, Mantis style, Drunken boxing, wing Chun…all the classics. Maybe even a brief pole fight just to throw in some weapons.
Then there are the ladies. Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh would team up to go against Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima. I’d maybe throw in some weapons here, too. Moon and Yukari would definitely be the bad guys.
The setting would be an 80′s style film similar to “Dragons Forever” or “Police Story”. Just a fun cop adventure that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’d throw in a few crazy stunts for extra measure.
The fights would be choreographed by Sammo Hung and Lau Kar Leung. Maybe Kuo Chui as well.
Oh and to add to the talent, I’d have the guys from Martial Club and Young Masters star as henchmen. Those guys are so talented and need a full-length film to star in.
To be honest, the possibilities are endless. I want to see so many fights I’ll never get to see. But this comes close to perfection, I think.