kuo chui

This shot might be a little too “Inside Baseball”. Even for me.

It’s Kuo Chui and Hwang Jang Lee chilling on the set of an incomplete Shaw Brothers production that never saw the light of day.
It’s exciting for fans because the idea of these two working together is Heaven. On one hand you have possible the best kicker in kung fu cinema history and on the other you have a member of the famous Venoms crew, known for his amazing choreography and acrobatics.

What could have been is enough to give any fan a sizable kung fu hard on.


One thing the Venoms crew were constantly accused of was making some of their fight scenes a little too dance-like, especially in films like “Kid with the Golden Arms”.
When I say dance-like, I mean overly choreographed, telegraphed and acrobatic.
I would say, however, that their particular style works ninety nine percent of the time and that this scene is a near-perfect example of how their dance-like moves can look amazing on screen.
This scene, from “Crippled Avengers”, basically sees Chiang Sheng playing around with Kuo Chui. It’s not a fight, per se. More a bit of fun.
But watch how they both move and some of the stuff they pull off. It really allows them to show off their skills, particularly Chiang Sheng’s acrobatic skills. After all, he is known as one of kung fu cinema’s greatest acrobats.
It just goes to show that the Venoms could make gold out of anything, ie two guys and some metal rings.