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Remember Max Liebermann
Max Liebermann found his own interpretation of impressionism in the middle of the 1890’s. He left his home country in 1873 and settled for a while in Montmartre, hoping to mingle among the realist and impressionist painters. But being a German, he wasn’t accepted by the artist community (the Franco Prussian War had only just ended two year before). 

He died in Berlin at the age of 89 on 8 February 1936.

Max Liebermann, Terrasse des Restaurants Jacob in Nienstedten an der Elbe (The Terrace at the Restaurant Jacob in Nienstedten on the Elbe), 1902. Oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm. Hamburger Kunsthalle
Max Liebermann, Papageienallee, 1902. Oil on canvas, 88,1 x 72,5 cm. Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany
Max Liebermann, Selbstbildnis (Self Portrait), 1927 (detail). Oil on canvas. Berlin, Germany.
Max Liebermann, Das Atelier des Künstlers (The Studio of the Artist), 1902. Oil on canvas, 68 x 810 cm. Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland