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❝ Do you really love him? ❞

Plot: You’re dating BamBam but he starts to become possessive. You break up with him and after several years you two meet again, but you’re in love with Yoongi. 

Pairing: Bambam x Reader - Yoongi x Reader

Words count: 3,2k+

Genre: Angst

For @ kim-hye-bul, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

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“Do you want to be my girlfriend??”  

That phrase echoed into your head, making you just shiver. It was only seven months after that sentence, by one of the happiest and most loving moments of all time, but not everything had gone as you expected.  

Kunpimook had been the most unbridled suitor. He had spent almost four months flirting with you, for to have a yes. He knew the reasons for your behavior, after your last relationship your confidence in the male gender had fallen drastically.  

But he had not paid much attention to that and you saw it into his eyes. As he looked at you and just wanted you to be happy, that you were genuinely quiet with everything around you.  Yet he had not renounced. Messages, moments spent together because of the work that joined you, chats that lasted even hours.  

You were able to see that sweetness and insecurity that he hid behind many of his attitudes and maybe it was just that to make you, after four months, say yes.  

Your first date had been as simple as it was quiet. Not being able to really get out, due to the possibility of being seen by his fans, you had simply built a pillow fort on the roof of your house and you two had spent the evening watching the stars, eating pizza and talking about anything.  

You were happy.  

His first “I Love You” had arrived unexpectedly, for both of us. His shocked gaze when that confession had accidentally escaped from his mouth had made you realize that he had to feel those feelings for a while, but maybe he was too scared to get you out if he told you.  

Maybe it was the time when everything had changed.  

You watched your reflection in the mirror, the dark circles to remind you that they were days you couldn’t sleep well. The work was tiring, but it was the only way to be able to somehow escape his constant oppression.  

Touching the reflective surface, your fingers almost trembled at the feeling of cold glass against the warmth of your fingertips, you started asking yourself if all that suffering was worth the game that has been going on for more than two months.  

Your love for that boy so sweet and kind was worth the suffering that ate you alive? That suffering that he himself was giving you, consciously or unless it was?  

“Where are you going?”  

His voice caught you by surprise and your thoughts deviated totally, while a slight shiver crossed your back remembering you that your answer would not have liked.  

“It’s for work, Bam.. I have to attend an evening as a host. ”  

“Who will be there?”  

“My colleague will be Seventeen’s Seungcheol-ssi, you know him, right?”  

You couldn’t let the flicker fade out of your voice and he noticed, arched an eyebrow and stroked his lower lip with grace. You were conscious of what was happening into his mind, the script was always the same for weeks now. You couldn’t blame him, though, you blamed his insecurities that he’s kept hiding.  

Sighing you turned back towards the mirror, giving him your shoulders, beginning to smear a veil of foundation on your skin too clear. You did not like your skin or rather it disturbed you to be so pale, but you had an acceptance of yourself that many of your colleagues envied you.  

You were conscious of being a beautiful girl and you knew it was one of the things that had struck your boyfriend from the first moment. Maybe even that beauty was a bit of a cause of his behavior, you couldn’t really understand.  

The brush touched your skin lightly while his eyes almost pierced your shoulders, letting your stomach closing in a violent grip leaving you for a few moments breathless.  The countdown in your mind had already begun, but unexpectedly his anger arrived sooner than expected.  

“You’re not going anywhere.”  

“Kunpimook, it’s work,” you murmured and for the first time your tone was annoyed, which he did not delay to notice; “My work is as important as yours. You should start to give up a little bit. ”  

“Excuse me??”  

Sighing you put the brush on the table in front of you, facing towards him and immediately looking for his eyes. They were slightly wide open, a veil of disbelief to “color them” and the redness on his cheeks indicated that the level of anger was rapidly increasing. But this time you wouldn’t let him win on you.  

That was no longer a healthy relationship and that situation had to end.  

“I said you have to give up the grip, Kunpimook. You have become incredibly possessive and above all oppressive. ”  

“I hope you’re joking, Y/N.” He spat with annoyance, watching you from head to toe making a step towards you; “You are mine, you should know this.”  

“I am your girlfriend, not an object you own. The concept is different. ”  

“It doesn’t seem to me.”  

The tired smile that was painted on your lips was the last stage of the resignation. You knew that story was no longer your story, but just the obsession with that kid for you.  

You didn’t feel happier, not like the first few months, you felt trapped and almost suffocated under the weight of his accusing gazes, his caresses too rough and his kisses full of mixed feelings. He wanted to have total control over you and you were no longer willing to let.  

In silence, you turned and began to collect all your objects. The toothbrush, the brush, the creams, the little bag with your makeup products. There seemed to be little things in your arms, while without lending him the slightest attention you crossed him and entered the room that you two shared. It was your house but in that room, you shared everything with him, so that you started to consider it yours instead of your own.  

Your eyes pinched, but you wouldn’t let even a tear will run on your cheeks. At the bottom of the heart, you knew that he wasn’t so; he wasn’t a possessive boy. He was only young, naïve and perhaps in love for the first time. So you couldn’t really blame him and you kept repeating that little tantrum, just in your mind, starting to fill your suitcase.  

His shocked gaze followed every movement of yours, taken totally by surprise by what you were doing. You were also surprised by your own courage, but Seoul because of him had begun to oppress you. You had to get away from that house, away from that town, away from him.  

“What.. What are you doing? ”  

“I go away Bam..” You tried to say, ignoring the lump in your throat that almost choked you; “I’m going away for a while because I can’t stand it anymore.”  

“Y/N.. You’re mine, how can you think about going away? ”  

His sentence was the drop that made the vase overflow. All the anger, the frustration, the disappointment accumulated in those two months began to seethe within you and nothing was able to restrain you, no longer.  

“Yours? Yours?” The anger in your voice was almost a moral slap for him since you noticed him making some step back surprised; “I’m not your property, Bam. I’ve never been yours, that’s what you don’t understand. You can no longer distinguish that subtle line separating love from obsession. ”  

While your voice went higher with every word, you kept putting your clothes in the suitcase, making it back and forth from the closet so as to escape from that house soon.  

“I’m not an object, you can’t do that. I’m a person and I want to be treated as such. You realize how.. How did you treat me in these weeks? How did you talk to me? How did you control me? ” You asked, totally drained of all energy, stopping with your hands on the soft fabric of the suitcase and face towards him; “Have you ever stopped yourself for a second to look at how you’re reducing me? It’s not me as a person anymore, it’s like I’m just a shadow that’s forced to be hidden behind yours. It’s not life, it’s not a relationship. ”  

“Y/N, we’re wel–”  

“We’re not well Bam. You’re not well, you literally lost the sense of yourself and what we were at the beginning. This isn’t love, you don’t love me if you do this and I.. I don’t want this. I want someone to love me and stay close to me, not someone who just wants to control my life. I’m sorry. ”  

The sound of your phone was the thing that broke the silence created between you in those few minutes. He lowered his gaze, clenched his fists along his hips and without worthy of a single gaze he turned and stepped out of your room.  

You hear very well the slamming of the door and finally the wall that divided you from crying desperately collapsed. Your knees touched the floor after one second, you leaned your forehead against the edge of the bed and let the tears do their job. They had to simply wash away the pain that your heart was carrying within it for too long.  

Basically, tears take everything away, right?  

~ ~

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Got7 | Finding Out Their GF Has An Identical Twin Sister

Anonymous said:

hi !! got7 + monsta x reaction to finding out their girlfriend has an identical twin sister? thanks !! xx

“Don’t you think you could have told me about this sooner? I offered her a candy bar and she yelled at me about a peanut allergy,” Mark said when he confronted you about not telling him about your peanut allergy sooner. When in actuality it was your twin sister who had the allergy.

“Oh yeah, no that’s not me, she has the allergy,” you said, “And sorry, oppa…I didn’t know she was going to visit today.”

“Is there any thing else I should know?” he questioned.

“She’s not really a Got7 fan…”

pretend you’re JB

Originally posted by igotsxven

“You…you have a twin sister…” he said, looking between the two of you.

“Yeah, you and I have been dating awhile now and I thought it was time you knew this little detail,” you would say.

“Little? That’s not really a little detail, Y/N,” he said, “By the way, you don’t have any of that twin connection do you?”

“I can tell you make her very happy at odd times of the day,” your sister said, causing JB to become uncomfortable.

Originally posted by daefsoul

“What did you say to my sister? She came up to me yelling “you two are some nastays”.” you said going to find out what Jackson had done that had disgusted your twin sister so badly.

“Sister? You have a sister?” he questioned.

“Yes…my twin sister,” you replied, “She was cooking dinner for us.”

“Oh god I thought that you,” he said laughing, “This is so embarrassing.”

“Jackson Wang, what in the world did you do?!”

“Nothing…nothing…nothing at all…” he said, trying to laugh off his embarrassment. 

Originally posted by ilovejackson

“Y/N…I almost kissed your sister,” Jinyoung said slightly terrified by the events that had taken place.

“Yeah, sorry I didn’t tell you that I had a twin and that she was stopping by,” you said.

“When she greeted me at the door she looked exactly like you, smile and everything and I couldn’t help myself and I almost kissed her,” he said.

“Yeah, she’s my identical twin that’s kinda how things work,” you said, “And you didn’t kiss her, that’s all that matters.”

“I couldn’t tell you apart…does that make me a bad boyfriend?”

“Not even our parents can tell us apart, you’re fine…”

Originally posted by jypnior

“So you mean to tell me that there’s two of you?” Youngjae questioned, when you told him that your twin sister was coming to visit.

“Well I have an identical sister, yes,” you replied, “But as you are well aware, there can never truly be two of me.”

“You’re correct on that jagi,” he said, “You’re one of a kind and my lovely little shit.”

“As always, I take that as a compliment.”

Originally posted by mjbm

“Well it that makes sense now,” BamBam said when you asked why your sister was so upset.

“What makes sense?” you questioned.

“I asked if she was sure she wanted to wear that top with those pants, not knowing it wasn’t you,” he replied, “Why didn’t you tell me that you had a twin sister anyway.”

“I was gonna play a prank on you…I didn’t think this would happen,” you said, “And I told you to be careful when it came to your fashion advice.”

“I thought she was you…you’ve never complained,” he said.

“Cause I know most of the time it’s just cause you want to help me choose my outfits so you can watch me change, and I just go with it.”

Originally posted by tanjhent

“I mean it’s pretty cool that you have an identical twin sister…you guys must have a lot in common,” Yugyeom said as you discussed over dinner how your sister would be visiting, “But I have one question.”

“What’s that?” you asked.

“Is she as scary as you when you get angry, cause I would really rather not have two of you angry at me at once,” he said.

“Well I have some news for you Yugyeom,” you said, causing him to get a terrified look on his face, “She’s the quiet twin…”

“So you’re identical, but opposites.”

“Pretty much.”

“So I’m safe.”

“Why wouldn’t you be? I’ve gotten mad at you like twice…”

“It was scary, okay.”

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this might be a stretch for a theory but hear me out: each of the members’ solo shots are seen in one area for the entire mv except for jinyoung and why is that? this is where each member died. jackson died on impact of the collision which is why he’s seen crashing through the wall the same time the car hits the barrier. jaebum died when the car crashed in the water which is why he’s seen on the top of the car as it’s submerging. yugyeom died on the way to the emergency room probably in the hallway as they were rushing him in. bambam died upon resuscitation, he’s wearing a mask (even though it’s a gas mask it’s emitting some sort of gas could represent oxygen). youngjae died while trying to break the car windows, he broke the glass case jinyoung was trapped in here and in hard carry and mark died while saving jinyoung, he swam back to rescue jinyoung from the accident and died from drowning. jinyoung is seen in all of scenes because he’s the only member to survive and go through each of these moments.

Favorite little Got7 things:
GOT7 expectations vs reality

Mark expectation: hot rapper from the US of the A, silent sexy type, leaves girls on the floor with one look
Mark reality: In love with Jinyoung, likes hitting people with the plastic hammer, afraid to speak English in front of Koreans, laughs at Jackson stupid things

Jaebum expectation: Mature leader, father figure, sexy model, works out everything all the time
Jaebum reality: FOOD, bitch ass-, will whoop your ass, sassy little fuck, highkey is done with the group and wants to leave murder everyone, highkey trying to get into youngjae’s pants

Jinyoung expectation: eomma~, pretty boy in every drama that everyone likes, loving
Jinyoung reality: blunt as fuck, will call you out, not dealing with your shit, stop embarrassing me, “I don’t know you”

Youngjae expectation: cutesy tootsy, puppy member, happy virus, sexy main vocal, normal one
Youngjae reality: normal? Can I eat it?, judging your choices, actual baby, lowkey trying to get into Jaebum’s pants, can youngrish very well 

Bambam expectation: sexy foreign main rapper why so many foreign rappers they fucking me up, cool and chic member, classy, girls are literally melting

Yugyeom expectation: maknaeee, bullied by hyungs occasionally, youngest so he listens to his elders, baby, sexyyyyyyyyy, vocals slaying me
Yugyeom reality: tallest, will actually wreck you, hyungs watch out, knows thinks he’s better than his hyungs

Jackson expectation: ???
Jackson reality: ???? and hates eric

Important things that happened at Got7 in Houston
  • BamBam’s voice cracked and Youngjae made fun of him
  • a few minutes later his voice cracked and BamBam made fun of him
  • They were asked which member they would want to be for a day
  • Jackson chose BamBam because he wanted to know what it was like to have long legs
  • Everyone else chose Jackson for his thighs
  • After Jinyoung said he wanted to feel Jackson’s thighs, Jackson straddled him and tried to get him to feel
  • Jackson said us international fans were in a long distance relationship with them
  • Every time the host asked Jackson a question he would say “Why don’t we ask Yugyeom” and Yugyeom got flustered every time the little baby
  • Jackson referring to the fan he chose and his team name for the game: I know bananas are healthy but I have Nana (the fan’s name)
  • Yugyeom created a ship name with him and his fan (Macgyeom) (her name was Mackenzie, I don’t know if I spelled it right)
  • BamBam called his fan his baby, his queen, hugged her, and dabbed with her
  • Jaebum’s fan was wearing a skirt, and since they were playing hackey sack, he took her hoodie and tied it so it would be covering her front so she wouldn’t flash anyone
  • Jinyoung and his fan won, and he basically proposed to her, getting down on one knee and everything when giving her her prize
  • Yugyeom’s shirt came halfway unbuttoned during Fly
  • For Random Play Dance, it was the maknae line and Jackson vs. Mark, Jaebum, and Jinyoung.
  • As a penalty for losing, BamBam had to perform Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but didn’t know it so sang a little bit of TTS’ Twinkle then did a rap version of Twinkle Twinkle
  • BamBam danced to Bad Girl Good Girl
  • Yugyeom did his sexy floor grinding dance after Jackson asked
  • They talked about their ideal types
    • Yugyeom: cute/sexy
    • BamBam: funny girl
    • Youngjae: “You guys” *gesturing to crowd*
    • Jaebum: he doesn’t have an ideal type, he just goes for who he likes
    • Mark: Houston IGOT7
    • Jinyoung: IGOT7
    • Jackson: girls who can take care of themselves, eat right, stay healthy, and respects parents, her parents, his parents, random fan in the audience’s parents, everyone’s parents
  • Jinyoung prepared his ending speech in English
  • Jaebum got really flustered because everyone cheered really loud when it got to his turn and everyone started chanting his name

That’s all I can think of right now