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Reaction when another member points out a hickey they didn’t notice

Anonymous Asked:  Can you please write a reaction for when you(reader) gives the boys a hickey and they didn’t notice until another member brings it up.

Sure thing! Thanks so much for the request!

JB: He first notices that everyone is staring at him but he just attributes that to him just doing a good job that day. It isn’t until the giggling and whispering starts that he begins to get suspicious. When they finally tell him he gets kind of surprised but then he remembers what the two of you were doing the day before and he tries to brush it off. He even gets a little smug about it but he’s planning on how to get you back later.

Mark: Surprised that you would have left a mark on him, He thought that you had been so careful. Still he can’t help but be kind of happy that you were excited enough to leave him with a hickey. The other members tease him a little but he doesn’t mind. He has one and they don’t so really he won. 

Jackson: He’d go to the bathroom after they pointed it out trying to remember when he had gotten it but it’s not really a huge deal to him. He’d show it off a little bit and be smug because it’s like you’re saying that he’s yours and that gives him a little thrill. 

Jinyoung: Would be completely shocked that you left a mark on him. He’s not angry about it just surprised because if he hadn’t noticed then anyone could have seen it and that means it may have been caught on camera when he was filming a drama. It’s not a very high possibility but he’s a worrier. Now that he knows about it though he’ll be better about hiding it. 

Youngjae: Shock and awe. At first he’s like, not my Jagi, she’s not that frisky and then he’d remember what the two of you were doing the night before and get really quiet because maybe he was wrong. But then he’d get really happy to know that you have a sexy side along with your cute side. 

Bambam: OMG She did what! Runs to the mirror and wonders how he didn’t catch it when he was getting ready in the morning. He acts smug for the rest of the day. A lot like JB but he’s extra about it. Like of course she gave me a hickey, I’m her Oppa after all. 

Yugyeom: At first he notices that everyone is teasing him a lot more than usual, like a lot more. So when he’s taking a break and goes to the bathroom he sees the mark and it suddenly starts making sense. He gets all squishy and shy because you like him enough to do that. 

Zany Designs (GOT7)

“How do you think Got7 would react to learning that zany designs like very thin stripes and eye illusions that mess with your eyes actually make you feel nauseous? Like they’re wearing a pinstripe blazer for some reason and you actually go green in the face and try not to look at it?”

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He would be confused at first. He would catch you averting your eyes, pale as anything, and probably wouldn’t understand. He would quickly ask what was wrong in order to coax it out of you. After explaining, he would apologise and remove what ever piece of clothing was making you nauseous. He would also apologise for not having picked up on it sooner - not wanting to make you feel sick.

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He would instantly get worried once he saw your face slowly turning green. Without hesitation, he’d ask you what was wrong but remain gentle and calm. He would hold you, not realising that you were only bringing the zany design ever closer into your sights. You’d manage to utter what was causing it, through your queasiness. He’d apologise profusely.

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About the whole Jaebum thing...

I actually ranted on twitter (im bigqbang) why hid words, to me personally, have caused such a great impact:
I, as a bisexual girl, can’t justify him or his words. Yes, i do love him as he is the leader of one of my ultimates groups, but that doesn’t mean that i’m gonna defend him when he does something wrong. And he did. I’m not attcking him either, but it is necessary to EDUCATE him, just like we did with Bambam when he said the n word. And he actually learnt. This is my only hope.

“I might beat you up”, people out are actually getting beat up, you know? Only because their way of loving is out of heteronormativity. We live with fear of being insulted, bullied, harassed, beat up or even killed. So hearing one of the persons i treasure the most saying shit like that is not pretty. It shocked and it actually had me on tears.

What is worse, Jaebum has influence, as an idol, and he should not be spreading this kind of thoughts.

I still love Im Jaebum, but i felt personally attacked with his words because it IS a reality many people, me included, have to live day by day. I won’t stand for bullshit like nor wouñd i justify his words in any way. I hope he learns from this, becuase lots of people have felt insulted and many people live with actual fear bc of his way of loving and this is not okay, in any means.

And yes, i know, korean culture is homophobic, but that doesn’t mean he can’t educate himself or be educated, that’s the only thing i’m asking for. Education, so he knows two boys can love each other just like any other hetero couple can, and save these kind of comments to himself bc a lot of people are actually suffering from homophobia and he should never feed this negative energy nor this hate to spread on the world.

Love who you are and stand proud.