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Dr. Strange TV Animated Series Reboot

Hey all! So I’ve been working on a lil’ project where I make a fake “pitch” for an animated series about my least favorite Marvel superhero, Dr. Strange, called…


For the main cast, I stuck with the main power players of the Strange-iverse. But also thought it would be fun to throw in some secondary heroes for funsies, like Kate Bishop and Iron Fist!


My reboot starts with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Stephanie Zhang who is nicknamed “Dr. Strange” by her colleagues, who works in NYC. Years into her practice, she gets into a terrible car crash which renders her hands useless and she begins looking for a cure. After years of searching, she receives a mysterious message telling her of a temple in the Kunlun mountains in Tibet that hold the answer to her problems.

After making her journey there, she is introduced to Yao, the head of a small school of sorcery. She also finds two other students who have been called to the temple: Wong, a mercenary and expert martial artist from Taiwan, and Baroness Karla Ma, a noblewoman from Latveria. Yao informs the trio that they all possess the potential to become amazing sorceresses and all agree to train under Yao.

The trio develop friendships as they are pushed to their limits by Yao who trains them in both magic and combat. With the help of Wong and Baroness Ma, Strange is able to regain the use of her hands. Yao also reveals she is their dimension’s Sorceress Supreme, a title she intends on passing down to one of her students.

However, as years pass, Baroness Ma grows impatient and is determined to obtain the mantle of Sorceress Supreme. She succumbs to the influence of a powerful entity known as Dormammu, and succeeds in killing Yao

However, instead of dying, Yao becomes a mystical entity called “The Ancient One”, and bestows the title of Sorceress Supreme to Dr. Strange. After a battle with Baroness Ma, Dr. Strange and Wong move to the United States to continue their work. Now, Wong and Dr. Strange battle the paranormal evil out of the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, NYC.

During their adventures, Wong and Dr. Strange meet up with a variety of characters. Two of which, Danny Ran aka Iron Fist and Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye, join their cause after they get caught up in some paranormal trouble and need the help of the Sorceress Supreme! 

In addition, they run into Dormammu’s neice and Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension, Clea, who winds up being Dr. Strange’s love interest! Together, Clea, Wong, Hawkeye, Iron Fist and Dr. Strange form the new Defenders team!

What crazy adventures will they run into next?

Also bonus! Alternate costumes or like… season 2 costumes (maybe?)!

According to Chinese legend, when the tyrant King Zhou of Shang ruled the land more than 4,000 years ago, a horse, a donkey, an ox and a deer went into a cave deep in the forest to meditate and on the day the King executed his virtuous minister Bigan, the animals awoke from their meditation and turned into humans. They entered society, learned of the King’s heinous acts and wanted to take recourse against the King, who was powerful. So they transformed themselves into one creature that combined the speed of the horse, the strength of the ox, the donkey’s keen sense of direction and the nimble agility of the deer. This new animal then galloped to the Kunlun Mountains to seek the advice of the Primeval Lord of Heaven. The Lord was astonished at the sight of a creature that had antlers of a deer, hooves of an ox, face of deer and tail of a donkey. “It’s unlike any of four creatures!” he exclaimed. Upon learning of the animal’s quest, Lord gave his blessing and dispatched the creature to his disciple the sage Jiang Ziya, who was battling the King. Jiang Ziya rode the creature to victory over the King and helped found the Zhou Dynasty. After fulfilling its vow, the milu settled in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The animal became a symbol of good fortune and was sought by later emperors who believed eating the meat of the milu would lead to everlasting life. By the Han Dynasty, about 2,000 years ago, the milu was already extinct in the wild, but kept in imperial hunting grounds.

Père David’s deer, also known as the Milu, is a semi-aquatic species of deer that is native to China.  It is extinct in the wild, and can only be found in captivity.

In the late 19th century, the world’s only herd belonged to Tongzhi, the Emperor of China. The herd was maintained in the Nanyuang Royal Hunting Garden in Nan Haizi, near Peking. In 1895, one of the walls of the hunting garden was destroyed by a heavy flood of the Yongding River, and most of the animals escaped and were killed and eaten by starving peasants. Fewer than thirty Père David’s Deer remained in the garden. Then in 1900, during the Boxer Rebellion, the garden was occupied by troops and the remaining deer were shot and eaten, leaving the animal extinct in its native China.

A few of the deer had previously been illegally transported to Europe for exhibition and breeding. After the extirpation of the Chinese population in 1900, Herbrand Russell, 11th Duke of Bedford, was instrumental in saving the species. He acquired the few remaining animals from European zoos and nurtured a herd at Woburn Abbey. Threatened again by both World Wars, the species survived largely due to the efforts of Bedford and his son Hastings, later 12th Duke of Bedford. The current world population, now found in zoos around the world, stems from the Woburn Abbey herd.

When the species was assessed for the IUCN Red List (1996), it was classified as “critically endangered” in the wild, under criterion “D”: “[wild] population estimated to number less than 50 mature individuals”. Since October 2008, they have been listed as extinct in the wild, as all populations are under captive management. In spite of the small population size, the animals do not appear to suffer genetic problems from the genetic bottleneck. The captive population in China has increased in recent years, and the possibility remains that free-ranging populations can be reintroduced in the near future.


Danny Ran aka “Xiao Long"

Danny Ran was born in Queens to his Chinese immigrant parents. Since he was a child, his mother would instruct Danny in a variety of kung fu styles while his father, a businessman, worked. Danny’s training continued throughout his childhood where he excelled in school but devoted almost all of his free time into kung fu. He idolized martial arts film stars and wanted to be able to use his abilities to protect the weak. He grew especially fond of superhero, Shang Chi aka “Iron Fist”, and he dreamed of one day taking up the title “Iron Fist” and fighting crime.

During his teenage years, Danny began to realize his strength growing and his reflexes becoming more precise and quicker. When he relayed this to his mother, she told him that their family traces its origins back to a group of extra-dimensional beings that arrived in their dimension in the Kunlun Mountains in China. These beings were granted with enhanced strength, durability, speed, and agility, and these gifts were passed down their lineage. However, these powers would only appear in select individuals in the family, and, as it turns out, Danny was one of the few.

Due to his extra dimensional heritage, Danny is granted with enhanced strength and reflexes. With these new abilities, he decided to don a costume and become a vigilante. He decided to use his childhood nickname “Xiao Long” (translated to “young/small dragon”) as his codename and now battles crime in Queens, occasionally teaming up with larger groups.

Design Notes: I’m really tired of the white savior concept and I just think it makes sense a master of east Asian martial arts should be from east Asia. Kinda makes sense. Switched up the origin story a bit and decided to not make him Iron Fist just yet. Besides his origin, I kept the design pretty similar to any of the mainstream Iron Fist’s costumes.

In the Kunlun Mountains, Xu Feng raises some of the most powerful and beautiful pegasi in the world. At his family’s mountain ranch, Mr. Xu breeds White Jade Pegasi, named for the region around the White Jade river, where the species of pegasus are exclusively found. Fed baijiu–a Chinese distilled spirit–and a mixture of vegetation, White Jade Pegasi are the pegasus breed in highest demand in the world.

“They know it too,” says Mr. Xu, as a a nearby pegasus snuffles his palm. “They’re proud bastards. But some of the best flyers in the world. India won the last Aerial Polo International Championship on White Jades.”

(Zhao Lei by Anaëlle Le Roy)

Etymology of Sly Cooper Names I: Cooper Gang + Ancestors

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I like etymology a lot and I haven’t seen a post like this so I thought I’d make a full list of the origins of Sly Cooper names at least for what can have etymology. Anything that can’t I’ll try to trace to something. Note: this just where the names come from and not necessarily why Sucker Punch named these characters what they are.

Also this is just my interpretation, I could be 100% wrong after all so if you disagree I’d be interested to hear your interpretation but also chill if you don’t like what I have interpreted.

I’ll also include last names when I can.

Also there are spoilers for some of these names that spoil some of the games so fair warning!

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