kungfu tao

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *watches Huang Zitao's interview on Sina*<p/><b>Zitao:</b> *let's out all of his feelings* *cries*<p/><b>Me:</b> NO BABY TAO DONT CRY!! LET ME LOVE YOU!! ILL PROTECT YOU SOMEONE HELP ME PROTECT HIM!??!! HE NEEDS US WE NEED HIM!!! HES SO BEAUTIFUL!! I BELIEVE IN YOU BABY BOY I WILL SUPPORT YOU 163747929%!!!<p/></p><p/></p>
  • Me: *starts swimming to China*

[Wushu Cover] Ztao: I am Sovereign

I haven’t done kungfu in 6 months, but i was suddenly overcome by feels and decided to do this in the middle of the street, in the middle of winter. there were cars coming at me in both directions at the ending and i freaked out >u<

*note: used some of tao’s metal routine and tried to copy his swag~

EXO and their Clothing Brands
  • Xiumin: Steamed Buns - simple yet sexy
  • Luhan: Manly Men - makes you look manly
  • Kris: Galaxy Style - everything is designed with the universe and his name dead center (everything)
  • Suho: Rich Slim Shady - for rich people, makes you look like a grandparent
  • Lay: Healing Unicorn Rainbow Sunshine - makes you look like you smoke weed
  • Baekhyun: Bacon - bacon shirts, bacon pants, bacon purSES
  • Chen: Trolling Camel - self explanatory
  • Chanyeol: Happy Virus - makes you wanna vomit at the sight of extreme happiness and color
  • D.O.: Spawn of Satan - the devil's outfit
  • Tao: Kungfu Panda - lots and lots of pandas, also gucci inspired
  • Kai: Kai's Fashion Chicken (KFC) - clothing that smells like chicken
  • Sehun: Sebooty - makes it look like you have a nice ass

[TAOKING] 2012 Fangoods - $47 [A] (Shipped USA); $59 [B] (Unshipped USA)

1. Specifications–[AB] = Both packs; [A] = Pack A only; [B] = Pack B only

  1. [AB] Made out of double-walled white ceramic and white rubber cup lid. 90 mm (diameter) by 150 mm (height)
  2. [AB] Made out of acrylic. 4 cm by 4 cm
  3. [AB] Made out of frosted tinplate. 58 mm in diameter
  4. [AB] Made out of PVC. 175 mm (diameter) by 310 mm (length)
  5. [AB] Made out of high quality stickers and high gloss lamination. A4 size.
  6. [B] Made out of PVC. For iPhone 4/4S

2. Deadlines:

  • Submit Order Deadline: December 1
  • Paypal Deadline: December 7
  • Concealed Cash Payment Deadline: December 6

3. Shipping

  • ESD: December

4. [A] Gifts

  • 1*Taoking hand banner
  • 1*Poker
  • 1*Limited edition postcard

5. [B] Gifts

  • All the gifts that [A] has plus,
  • 1*Card sticker

6. Price Breakdown

  • Shipping (Includes EMS from China to USA): [A]=$412 USD; [B]=$552 USD
  • Minmum of 10 pre-orders (Base charge for everyone): [A] $412/10 = $41.20 USD; [B] $552/10 = $55.20 USD
  • Shipping (me to you): +$4~$6 (Includes tracking, insurance, bubble wrap)
  • Final price (USA): [A]=$47 USD; [B]=$59

Minimum of 10 pre-orders needed (total of [A] & [B])

Links: Terms & Conditions // Pre-order These Goods

GIVEAWAY: EXO TAO Shirt - Size M (only)

I just bought this shirt quite some time ago from a K-Pop merchandise online store, but because it’s asian size and probably for girls and I’m a tall boy, the M size is just too short for me, so I ordered another size. Strangely enough they never texted me how to send the M size shirt back, so I kinda kept both. Now I want to make a Tao fan happy with this shirt for free, so here is my first and probably last giveaway :)

  1. likes and reblogs count both, but 
  2. please reblog only once, so that everyone will have an equal chance to win
  3. please no giveaway-blogs
  • I’ll ship worldwide and bear all costs
  • I’ll send you a tumblr message, so please make sure your ask box is working
  • you don’t have to follow me, but I’d appreciate it :)
giveaway will end at the 4th of February 2015

!! giveaway has ended. the lucky one had received a message !!