kung fu panda au

Kung Fu Panda AU

I’m going to preface this appropriately with an apology

  • Po: Lance (because dude come on)
  • Tigress: Keith (angry ball of training dedication and hard work who immediately is pissed at Lance’s goofing off and lack of training, goes off on his own to fight Zarkon, lowkey just wants validation)
  • Mantis: Pidge (jokes at Lance’s expense, that hilarious acupuncture scene, is the smallest, best friends with Hunk)
  • Viper: Allura (highkey the prettiest, poisonous, talks to Lance even though he’s disgracing Kung Fu by existing, chokes Zarkon out)
  • Monkey: Hunk (hides his almond cookies on the top shelf, is Pidge’s best friend, takes a baby to find it’s parent when they’re evacuating the village okay, is a fierce angel, goes down first against Zarkon-, is as precious as Jackie Chan)
  • Crane: Shiro (Gets confronted by an awkward Lance, doesn’t know how to handle fans, tries to be nice, drags Lance away when he worries about Coran)
  • Master Oogway: Alfor (wise old man, fucking dies, never stops laying down the wisdom)
  • Tai’Lung: Zarkon (self explanatory, huge asshole with darkness in his heart)
  • Master Shifu: Coran (mentor to everyone, taught Zarkon, made some mistakes, is haunted by them but eventually sees the potential in Lance rightfully and takes him under his wing, but also loves fucking with Lance so-)


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Inktober 31

This was funny in my head, I promise. xD 

So… I watched Kung Fu Panda 2 and now I want a TMNT AU in which Timothy is the chosen one. 

Based on this glorious clip.

Please don’t expect any more fanart in at least 12 months. Haha JK. I will go back to digital now.

Thanks for all the reblogs/likes/comments. 


More TiPo Soulmate AU! (Surprise @aileenprestice! ;D Bringing this AU back!) 

Do you guys see the reference I made, from the KFP3 story boards with Mei Mei’s goodie basket? 

(I was listening to Interpol and The Beatles, hence their t-shirts, though you can’t see Po’s Beatles shirt.) 


had a lot of these doodles sat in my folder for a while so i touched some up and decided to share them!!

(i gave each one captions so you can look to see what the heck i was doing is if you’re curiouss)