kung fu panda meme

2019 radiates chaotic energy

I mean, we have:

  • Pikachu having the POTENTIAL energy to say fuck.
  • Sonic with Nikes and no gloves.
  • The not-finale of Steven Universe.
  • Stone butch Captain Marvel.
  • 2 Captain Marvels
  • Spongebob fans and Football fans uniting to defeat the evil that is NFL.
  • Shaggy becoming the destined-one to end the universe.
  • Tai Lung recognizing anyone as a worthy opponent.
  • JK Rowling reading one of our erotic rated-M fanfics of Grindledore.
  • Will Smith voicing ANOTHER horrifiying cgi monster (Imdefinitelynottalkingaboutsharktale)
  • Dora the Explorer with a knife.
  • Oscars not screwing up by giving the oscar to Into the Spider-verse rather than Disney/Pixar.
  • Moto-Moto turning on the straightest of men, the gayest of lesbians, and the most stoic of aces.

And we’re not even half way through the year.


I took some of my favorite characters to make a moodboard that would express my feelings for the past few years.

  • jimin: kookie what's wrong
  • jungkook: i just found out that jin isn't really my mom
  • jimin: your mom... not a 25yo man?? wow that must have been quite a shock
  • jungkook: yeah