kung fu panda


This is quite possibly the stupidest article I have ever seen. Because kids are just “too young” to understand complex themes. Why are we treating them like human beings with a complex brain structure? Let’s just feed them mindless movies that have no plot because they’re “”“fun”“”.

Give me a break. Besides, the success of both of those movies proves kids LIKE them. Stop treating kids like they’re dumber than they are. (Also they’re actually family entertainment, not “kids films”.)


I had the awesome opportunity a while back to Art Direct a Kung Fu Panda half hour special titled “Secrets of the Scroll” for Dreamworks.  It was directed by the incredible talent Rodolphe Guenoden and was a blast to work on.  I was also lucky to have such an inspiring team of artists working with me : Chris Zibach, Jason Brubaker, Erik Tilmans, Rich Ramazinski, Jason Stoval, Griselda Sastrawinata, Natalie Franscioni-Karp and countless other amazing artists who helped contribute to this awesome special.  Above are just a few of the painting I did for the show, but there are tons more in the special from the artists listed above as there is over 18 min of 2D animation in the special.  KFP Secrets of the Scroll is on Netflix so check it out!