kung fu hustling


Yup, two seemingly unconnected photos. One being Bruce Lee performing his famous flip-kick in “Enter the Dragon” and the other being the husband and wife landlords from “Kung Fu Hustle”.
The connection? That isn’t Bruce Lee. It’s actually the husband from “Kung Fu Hustle”.
Yuen Wah grew up in the same opera troop as Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung and had a gift for acrobatics. He got into film and was often asked to double for actors that couldn’t perform certain feats.
Well, he doubles Bruce Lee twice in “Enter the Dragon”. One being the above scene and the other being the backflip at the end of the Sammo Hung fight.
Yuen Wah has consistently worked throughout the decades and is still acting today at the grand old age of 66.