Something to remember

People who do not practice martial arts do not completely grasp it’s entirety. They think we just kick and punch and do chops and weird stances. Always remember that it’s more than that. You are in tune with your body and your muscles. You FEEL karate. You learn all the values that come with it. It teaches you not only the kicks and punches, it lets you discover who you truly are and what you’re capable of. You are a better person because of everything you’ve learned in karate. Anyone telling you that you’re wasting your time with martial arts doesn’t get why you continue doing it. So keep pushing forward and do what you love.
Hong Kong uses 3D archive to preserve kung fu heritage
Kung fu master Wong Yiu-Kau stands in a Hong Kong studio and waits as his black suit is covered head to toe in reflective markers to capture his every motion.

This is one way in which technology can preserve traditions for future generations! Welcome to the new way of producing Kung Fu ( or any art) manuals. While there is no substitute for an actual teacher this is a great way to chronicle the arts. Thoughts?