Thank you to @draxl3rs for tagging me 😊

1. favourite tv shows? Glee, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Merlin.

2. favourite football moment(s)? Aaron Ramsey’s goal in extra time to win the 2014 Fa Cup for Arsenal. Also in 2014 Derby County beating our local rivals 5 - 0 😜

3. dream job? A sports journalist in America either writing about the NHL or the MLS.

4. how long have you been on tumblr? Over 4 years.

5. favourite blogs? @arsenal-gooner
@arsewenger @draxl3rs@fcbarcelohna @kunessii @klaythompson @kunaquero
@leosmessi @oliviergiroudd @pppper @pitwall @rpatricio @teamvettel @vettell @welovemesutozil @wilsheresdimples @xavihernandes

6. first football crush? A footballer called Jay McEveley who plays for Ross County, but he played for Derby (my local team) when i was younger.

7. do you judge blogs by their icon? Yes a little bit. Hopefully they don’t have an icon of a player i dislike haha

8. in which country do you live in and where would you want to live if not there? I live in England but my dream has always been to live in America. I’d love to live in Dallas

9. 3 things you would take on an deserted island? My arsenal blanket, my phone, this small squishy football that a derby player gave to me haha. I use it as a stress reliever a lot

10. favourite characteristics? Well my favourite characteristics about myself would be my eyes and my thoughtfulness (i’m sorry if that sounds big headed but i do tend to put other people before myself)

11. what’s your lucky number? 17