kundalini tantra

The coiled creative life force at the base of the astral spine, Kundalini, has always been symbolized as a serpent. When the creative force is “asleep” in delusion, it flows down and outward and feeds all the senses; uncontrolled, its stinging venom causes insatiable lusts. But when the pure Kundalini force is “awakened” by the yogi, it rises to the brain and is transformed into the bliss of Spirit. This uplifting serpentine current is Vasuki, the supreme force for human liberation.

The analogy can be made that God is manifested in the downwardly flowing creative power, kandarpa, which through sex is responsible for the creation of children; and He is also in the uplifting current, Vasuku, which begets the offspring of divine realization.

- Chapter X, God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita by Paramahansa Yogananda)

When the seeker is lost, only then the goal is achieved. Only when the experiencer is no more, the experience is there. Seek and you will miss it – because through your seeking the seeker will be strengthened. Don’t seek and you will find it. The very seeking, the very effort, becomes a barrier, because the more you seek, the more the ego is strengthened: the seeker. Do not seek.
—  Osho

Kundalini, Chakras, and Vrittis

All energy is lodged in this first chakra, the house of the Shakti and there are four fundamental vrittis, or human desires associated with this chakra which are-


The first chakra is not the “lowest” chakra, it is actually the seat of our spiritual longing for both liberation and Dharmic action. According to Tantra, we are meant to quench our thirst for spirituality, for dharma and for joy, these are our natural state.

“There is no fulfillment without the body. Hence obtaining the wealth of the body, engage thyself in works of merit.” –Kularnava Tantra

Certain vrittis are more psychologically challenging than the four primary ones located in the Muladhara chakra. But there are also positive ones, including hope, effort, discernment, and perhaps the most important of all, the love vritti located in the heart chakra.

The human capability for awakening spiritual knowledge is the famous para vritti located in the ajina, or eyebrow chakra.

The Tantric science of kundalini, chakras, and vrittis—and how these esoteric, inner expressions are awakened, balanced and alchemically tuned by hatha yoga and meditation is complex. But the heart of this science is reflected in both the coiled labyrinth of the earth and the coiled kundalini of the body.

Our spiritual practice, our yoga, helps us uncoil and liberate the kundalini labyrinth and thereby free us from its containment in the earth chamber of the first chakra.

“The rush of bliss that ensues upon the meeting of the Pair, the Supreme Shakti and the Self (Shiva) above, is the real Congress. All else is mere copulation.” –Kularnava Tantra

By K. Nagori

Kundalini, 1940 Emil Bisttram

… the artist is … a seeker of truth … He is a priest, a magician … . an artist by virtue of the power within him and that power is bestowed through scrupulous morality, the strictest discipline and deep mediation and contemplation …


Kundalini : Awakening the Shakti Within

”In this symbolism flame and flower are much the same; flame of mind and flower of mind suggest the same happening in the “mineral” and “vegetable” kingdoms of the mind-realms. The mind has to grow of itself towards its sun. Most men’s minds are at best smouldering fire; they require a “breath” of the Great Breath to make them burst into flame, and so extend themselves, or possess themselves of new re-generative power. Most men’s minds, or
persons, are unripe plants; we have not yet brought ourselves to the blossoming point. This is achieved only by Heat from the Sun. A blossoming person may be said to be one who is beginning to know how to form fruit and re-generate himself.”

— The Chaldean Oracles

”From the Mahakundalini the universe has sprung. In Her Supreme Form She is at rest,coiled round and one (as Chidrupini) with the Siva-bindu. She is then at rest. She next uncoils Herself to manifest. Here the three coils of which the Kundalini Yoga speaks are the three Gunas and the three and a half coil are the Prakriti and its three Gunas, together with the Vikritis. Her 50 coils are the letters of the Alphabet. As she goes on uncoiling, the Tattvas and the Matrikas, the
Mother of the Varnas, issue from Her. She is thus moving, and continues even after creation to move in the Tattvas so created. For, as they are born of movement, they continue to move. The whole world (Jagat), as the Sanskrit term implies, is moving. She thus continues creatively acting until She has evolved Prithvi, the last of the Tattvas. First She creates mind, and then matter. Shakti, and Kundalini Shakti. The difference between the two is
that they are Shaktis in specific differentiated forms in movement; and Kundalini Shakti is undifferentiated, residual Shakti at rest, that is, coiled. She is coiled in the Muladhara, which means ‘fundamental support’, and which is at the same time the seat of the Prithvi or last solid Tattva and of the residual Shakti or Kundalini. The body may, therefore, be compared to a magnet with two poles. Thus, when completely dynamic,that is when Kundalini unites with Siva in the Sahasrara, the polarisation of the body gives way. The
two poles are united in one and there is the state of consciousness called Samadhi. The polarisation,of course, takes place in consciousness. The body actually continues to exist as an object of observation to others. It continues its organic life. But man’s consciousness of his body and all other objects is withdrawn because the mind has ceased so far as his consciousness is concerned, the function having been withdrawn into its ground which is consciousness.”


“Tantric massage is a dance.
As my hands touch your skin,
my body and soul fall in synch with
the rhythm our two energies create.
The rhythmic sliding of skin against skin
starts to awaken your kundalini and
a kind of cosmic dance starts to happen
that goes beyond arousal. It’s so beautiful.
It inspires benevolence, wellbeing, love,
it inspires a sense of unity with the universe.”

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