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guys who's the most ticklish out of all of you *cough* just so i know who to torture *cough*

… I didn’t expect to write it this way… (;^◇^;)ゝ



They’re both staring at Kanato mischievously

♥Kanato: …What are you looking at?

♥Laito: Hold him, Ayato-kun!~


Kanato starts convulsing in Ayato’s arms the moment Laito starts tickling him

♥Ayato: Heh, you are a cheeky kid after all!

♥Laito: Come on, Kanato-kun! Laugh for your little brother Laito-kun~


♥Ayato: Hey, Laito! When was the last time we did this?!

♥Laito: Last time was so long ago… Nfu~ It makes me feel nostalgic~

♥Kanato: -on the verge of tears- …Stop, stooop, I can b-AHAHAAH! i can’t breathe…!

Meanwhile, the Mukami brothers…

♥Kou: Nee, Yuma, I remember you once told us you were kinda ticklish…

♥Azusa: Yes… I remember too. You were half asleep…

♥Yuma: …So? Why do you brought this up so suddenly?


♥Yuma: Argh!… Wha- hah! S,stop! Kou you…! HAHAH! I’m gonna kill ya if– Ugh!

♥Kou: Haha I knew it! The tough guy is pretty sensitive~!

♥Azusa: Heh… You enjoy this after all…

♥Yuma: Azusa don’t just stay there watching! HAAH! K,Kou for fuck sake-!! Heh-! STOP IT!

Yuma started to throw random punches in the air, hitting a vase and sending it flying. A loud, cracking sound could be heard in the room.

♥Ruki, yelling from afar: Guys, what exactly was that sound?!



♥Azusa: …You should have punched me instead, Yuma-kun.

Diabolik lovers Dark Fate Subaru Sakamaki (dark 5) ~translation~

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk

Dark 1, dark 2, dark 3, dark 4, dark 5

Place: Sakamaki’s castle—Subaru’s room

Yui: Subaru-kun is late…
Yui: (He said “Today you’ll sleep in my room” but…)
Yui: (But he left before I came…)
Yui: (I don’t want him looking at me weird as if I was waiting for him…)
Yui: (But, if I got outside now I may bump with Subaru-kun by the door…)
Yui: (That would be weird as well…)
Yui: (What should I do…?!)

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