I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT THE COLOR THEME.. IT’S 3-4-5 PERFECTLY!!! And here I’m 2 a.m finished the crossover.. here you go, Pokemon Go Team Leader x Persona MC hahaha

With this team leader….

“I’m asking you again, which team you will choose?”

POKEMON GO X PERSONA!! | Sakon04 [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=58106312


nct as highschoolers
  • winwin:one half of the new foreign exchange students. the slightly awkward half. everyone knows and loves him. excels at dance. joined the dance club on his first day. best friends with kun.
  • donghyuck:the loud, bubbly class clown. teachers love and hate him. everyone in the school knows him. best friends with mark, jeno and jaemin. his best subject is drama.
  • mark:the musically talented kid. raps to his friends at break. excels in english. hands his homework in on time. has lots of friends but prefers his close circle of friends that consists of jeno, jaemin and donghyuck.
  • jaehyun:the typical highschool sweetheart. extremely popular yet shy. captain of the basketball team and plays piano in the school concert band. does the announcements with doyoung. will take time to hang out with everyone.
  • taeil:the shy cutie who has an amazing voice. rumour around the school is that he's recorded and released his own song before. sings in the school choir with his best friend, doyoung.
  • taeyong:the tough looking guy who is actually a complete sweetheart. always willing to help the younger kids out. his favourite subject is food. runs the dance club with chittaphon. best friends with chittaphon and johnny.
  • yuta:the friendly jock. captain of the soccer team and the debate team. super smart and funny. everyone wants to be friends with him. best friends with johnny and hansol.
  • doyoung:the charismatic singer. has been the lead in the school play for 2 years in a row. sings in the choir with taeil. does the announcements and everyone hates him for it. watched glee once and is convinced that he could start a glee club with all his friends.
  • chittaphon:the cute dancer that every girl (and some boys) has a crush on. runs the dance club with taeyong. really good at languages and design technology. best friends with johnny, hansol and taeyong.
  • kun:the other half of the new foreign exchange students. the shy half. secretly has an amazing voice but is too shy to sing in the choir. best friends with winwin.
  • johnny:the guy everyone knows. always has a smile on his face. throws the best parties. plays piano in the school concert band with jaehyun. best friends with taeyong, chittaphon, yuta and hansol.
  • hansol:the anime kid. like, the guy who looks like he's walked straight out of an anime. incredibly good looking. the girls LOVE him. kinda shy and awkward. best friends with yuta and johnny.
  • jeno:the chill arty kid. his favourite subjects are art and drama. plays guitar to his friends at break. probably skateboards to school. considers jaemin as his best friend but has other best friends, mark and donghyuck.
  • jaemin:the all rounded kid. goes to dance club. plays the piano and is one of the star players on the badminton team. he considers jeno to be his best friend but his other best friends are donghyuck and mark.
  • jisung:lol homeboys a fetus wyd? 👶 all the older highschoolers love him and will drop anything to go and help him out. quite shy around people who aren't his friends but comfortable around his friends. the baby of the group.

Kun fact: he likes airplanes a lot. In the 100 Q&A on the Rookies App, Kun said that he would like to have his pilot licenses in the future. He also said he collects airplane models and had he not become a singer, he would have liked to be a pilot.


+ wear headphones 🎧

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