the times I feel most blessed are the times like last night. the times you realize how lucky you are to have one good, true friend that you can talk to. one with whom you can laugh, cry, and make each other’s head feel like they’re going to explode because of the insanity you two can banter about. that is one of the universe’s true gifts. the gift of a soul sister.


in case you were wondering.

Re:Stacks by Bon Iver
“this my excavation, today is Kumran
everything that happens is from now on”

Kumran (usually spelled “Qumran”) is the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947. It symbolizes a personal catharsis for Justin Vernon, the band’s sole member; Vernon retreated to his father’s Wisconsin log cabin for three months to record the album, chop wood, and generally be alone. He explains the Kumran metaphor himself here:

When they found them it changed the whole course of Christianity, whether people wanted to know it or not. A lot of people chose to ignore it, a lot of people decided to run with it, and for many people it destroyed their faith, so I think I was just looking at it as a metaphor for whatever happens after that is new shit.