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KUMORICON 2012: Who’s Maggie gonna be? 

Hey everyone! So it’s time I get a video out to you guys so I can share my cosplay plans for Kumoricon 2012 which is only a month away! This year I’m doing six cosplays. Sounds like a lot? SURE IS, GOODNESS. However, this will be Lumanous and I’s last con for about a year. We’re saving for a trip thats going to be really spendy. But, I hope you enjoy the video! Please contact Me or Luma if you’re interested in meeting! We’ve gotten a few people that want to meet us at the con and heck yes, we’d love to make some new pals. Thanks everyone! 

Cosplay lineup in case you missed my idiotic rambling: 

Headless Dirk

God Tier Dirk 

Mad Hatter Dirk (Wonderland AU) 

God Tier Dave 

Trickster Dave