kumo's art

The Laughing Under the Clouds (曇天に笑う) guys looking handsome for Valentine’s Day, illustrated by animation director Kudo Yuka (工藤裕加) for Otomedia Magazine (Amazon US | JP).


((in which a child from the future finds a city in ruins, hears the tragic tale of two magical siblings, and desires to go back in time to prevent this devastation from ever coming to pass. this ends up much harder to do than expected))

((aka Frisk is more the Homura than the Madoka in this story))

((meguca is suffering))

((aaaa tbh i wasn’t planning on designing one for Frisk but I gave it a shot. I wanted Frisk to have similar themeing/silhouette to Chara, thus still having the witch theme and similar petal design, but because they also have a red soul I had SO MUCH TROUBLE finding a color scheme that worked for me. No seriously I spent hours on the colors alone.))