Designed Bogiiniya out!! Originally from a proper city in the Light territories, she’s both impatient and money minded in comparison to her librarian counterparts. It frustrates her to no end that they feel the need to archive anything and everything of value they find in the Hewn City instead of selling it, and the fact they have the gall to let visitors come look and read for free is almost too much to bear. As such, Bogiiniya is stubborn with anything that didn’t come out of the city, stating that since it isn’t strictly off limits she’s allowed to pawn it off without asking direct permission.

The only person who usually know about her plans to go to the city to obtain extra treasure for Prosvetleniye is Kumir, and what with his affinity for silks that are usually above their price bracket, he pointedly lets his attention be elsewhere, claiming weak plausible deniability when asked where his partner got off to.



One wouldn’t have the slightest inkling how little regard is given to the work of the relics restoration archive by the rest of the residents of Prosvetleniye if they were to meet the ever-boisterous head of said archive. In truth, he was rarely seen actually in his department, usually opting to find a conversation partner or a place to nap instead, since Kumir is the last person to talk to while he’s working. He spends much of his time with the recollection team if they aren’t actively in the Hewn City, the only other residents quite on Zakat’s energy level. He, Rassvet, Sumerki, and Bogiiniya are often the top suspects for any accidental damage to  the library; ever fans of both dares and drinking contests.

Despite this, Zakat gets along quite well with Kumir, often seen glued to his side as soon as Kumir has finished his duties for the day, insisting if Kumir states he’s too tired to keep up with whatever Zakat has decided they’re doing that the best way to counteract fatigue is to spend time with friends. The explanation usually gets his way, even if Kumir complains the entire time. Most all of Zakat’s pieces of jewelry are from Kumir; he gifted whichever pieces Bogiiniya brought back to the library that were either too big or didn’t suit him to the wildclaw.