This gown design has a funny history of being worn very wrong! I have literally dozens of pictures of different models wearing it with the asymmetrical straps in every which weird configuration you can think up. It’s almost like they were trying to find the most awkward way to wear it!

Terra Patrick even wore it wrong onstage in New York at the Exotic Erotic ball. I was super excited to see her perform in my design, but as soon as she walked out I knew I had to run out in front of everyone and take her out of her misery. She had her head through the armhole and the other strap strangling her. I have no idea how she got into that predicament, but it looked like she was choking! She was very sweet about it and said “It’s a very pretty dress, but I'm a little bit uncomfortable.” I wish I had taken a picture of it because even with it being very awkward, she still managed to look beautiful!

Here is Kumi Monster wearing it correctly and very well by Anna Devia

An extreme detail crop of one of the new images of Kumi that will appear in my new book ARRANGEMENTS. This will be part of a gatefold spread which will feature several never-before-seen shots that we did on the Island of Aegina, Greece in 2007. 

THE PROJECT: A 3-volume, 25-year retrospective which celebrates both my 50th birthday and my 25th year of photography. Each volume will be funded and released at different times.

The first volume to be released is Volume III (2007-2015) - the later years. It was successfully crowd-funded on Kickstarter during the month of February 2015.


ARRANGEMENTS: Volume III (2007-2015)
• Text provided by Stoya, Eric Kroll, Thomas Negovan, and Steve Diet Goedde
• Approx. 140 pages, 9.5x13” hardcover
• Nearly half the images in the book are previously unpublished


i found her and followed her on Livejournal. back when that was a thing. 

i don’t really know anything about the fetish world. i just thought she was beautiful, her work was amazing, and she seemed to have a really cool attitude.