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Kumiko Takahashi (Episodes directed: 1)

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Having Kumiko Takahashi as animation director is a special treat. Known for her excellent work on the Mermaid Scar OVA, Takahashi also handles the animation in all of Inuyasha’s opening and closing credits. Her stylish designs make use of shadows and dramatic camera angles and make for a truly theatrical level of animation quality. - Dylan Acres

Kumikon's goodbye message to chatmonchy

There is no perfect ending,
The last live, there were many miss shots, I caught a cold, and I couldn’t speak well.
Until the very end, I was disgusted with myself.
However, my hands and ears will forever remember the pleasant and matchless presence of music.

It’s been 6 years since our debut, and saying it was fun would be too easy,
But everyday was really fun, and I had many encounters with fun people.
I can’t say thank you enough.

My cute apple-colored drum set, my silver drum set of the previous generation, my sunset colored snares, and other substitute drums, thank you for your hard work.
Thank you for being my friend. You gave me many dreams.
Until we meet again.
I want to continue to create words with these hands.

To those music-related people who have helped me, to everyone at Kioon Records,
To everyone at the agency, and the successive managers that I have caused trouble to,
Thank you very much.

Ecchan, Akkochan, I was very privileged to make music with you.
You are respectful players, and members I can boast about. Thank you.
I will continue to support you.

Also, to everyone who has supported me, thank you very much.

Until the day we meet again!
Please take care!

Well then,

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Manga Gets Summer TV Anime

Akagami no Shirayukihime is getting an anime this summer!
Some things you’ll want to know:

Director: Masahiro Ando
Scriptwriter: Deko Akao
Character Design: Kumiko Takahashi (Card Captor Sakura, Ouran)
Music: Michiru Oshima (FMA, Gokusen [drama] — great composer!)
Produced by: Studio Bones

Shirayuki: Saori Hayami
Zen: Ryota Ohsaka

Stay tuned for more details! [/internal screaming]