Wieso ist Liebe so schwer?

Diese Frage stellen sich bestimmt einige von euch. Aber ich kann sie euch leider auch nicht beantworten :/ DA ich selber nicht weiß warum es so schwer ist. Warum Liebe einfach so schwer ist. Es ist nie einfach einen los zulassen wen man ihn noch liebt. Und es ist nie leicht wem zu vergessen den man liebt, es aber nicht erwider wird.  Aber ich finde am schlimmsten ist es wenn man sich in seinen Besten Freund verliebt hat :o. Man weiß dan nicht wie es weiter geht. Ob die Freundschaft darunter leiden wird. Oder es ihm genauso geht. Aber am meisten hat man Angst seinen Besten zu verlieren :/

There she sat, on the edge of an unkept concrete seating area, her phone in hand. This area was in a pretty run-down part of town, next to an abandoned movie theater. Lots of crime happened there, and knowing this the girl didn’t feel any distress. She wore all black, as usual, her makeup done perfectly – and effortlessly at that. Her sultry eyes were lined perfectly with onyx eyeliner, her lips stained with lipstick. Hera Kumer was her name, and many in the area have yet to hear of her. Unfortunate for them, because they soon w o u l d. She sat there, her legs crossed, as they swung slightly in impatience. Glancing up from her phone some people would walk past, but Hera would only send them a glare.

 Nobody would dare to fuck with her, her presence only radiated intolerance, & a certain disposition one couldn’t particularly set their finger on. She was one of a kind that’s for sure, a modern rebel, a TRUE outsider.. None of that shit you see in movies — that was an insult to her.  It was certainly dark outside, and Hera absolutely cherished it. Ever since she was young she could remember wanting to be outside at night. There’s always something unsettling about the night, and darkness in general. There’s mystery & endless possibilities, and as cliche as it may sound that’s what always drew the female to it. She perched herself on the cold seat, before feeling a presence getting close to her. Hera’s eyes shot over at them, 

     “ It’s about damn time, don’t you think? ”