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30 Days of Queer #18 - Kumbia Queers

While most most of my articles cover individuals, today I am going to cover a band.  Hailing from Argentina and Mexico, I’d like to introduce you to Kumbia Queers!

The group formed in 2007 when the members met at the Belladonna festival in Buenos Aires in 2006.  What originally started as a side project quickly exploded in popularity and the band has toured all over the world.  When the six ladies who make up the band got together they decided they didn’t want to form yet another rock band, that they wanted something different.  The end result is a group that combines the punk elements of their other bands with the popular style of music, cumbia.  The inspiration for their name is a play on the name of another band, The Kumbia Kings.  At first they were calling themselves Kumbia Queens, but it was decided that Kumbia Queers was more fitting, and the name stuck.  They produce original music as well as cumbia covers of popular punk and rock songs.


The queer part of the name Kumbia Queers has many meanings.  The band is a group of queer women, so there is that connection.  It is also uncommons for women to perform cumbia, they are usually regulated to dancers and eye candy.  They take popular songs and turn them into something unique.  They also feel that they are outsiders, strange people who do not fit in.  True to their punk element, the band speaks out against the status quo, and is especially vocal about women’s rights and empowerment.  They also include straight outcasts as part of their queer family.  Their upbeat music and positive, if not subversive, personas have combined to make them an extremely popular band, and I encourage you to listen to them as it is hard to describe music through text.