kumazuma  asked:

Hiii! I love your blog!! <3 My birthday is at monday (yes, halloween <3) so could you do some fluffy and sexy headcanons with UF Snas? I would be soooo happy (*^v^*) thanks!

Sexy is not allowed here friend, but you can always hit up @undertaile-imagines or @undertaleideates for those! Also Happy Early/Spooky Birthday! :D

Fluffy Underfell-Sans Headcanons:

- He actually loves having his hand held. It’s even better if you stick one of your hands in his pocket–that way he doesn’t have to move, & he gets his hand held. Two birds, one stone.

- When cuddling, he likes to put his head in the crook of your neck. It’s just very comfortable, & it lets him feel your heartbeat through the little pulse-line under your chin.

- Though it’s not often, when he gives you compliments they always sound kind of half-assed. He really does mean whatever he’s saying though, it’s just that he has a bit of a hard time actually finding the words (or energy) to get what’s in his SOUL to his mouth.