kumazooie's art

Entry one of two for a Three Color Challenge contest on another site in which we can only use pure black and shades of brown and turquoise. Went with a Happy Happyist/Insane Cultist since turquoise is a shade of blue.

The background would have been all turquoise as well but then there would hardly be any brown so I just colored the brown version with lots of paint splats.

At last, my Aquacadet ref is completed!

- - - - - - -

Name: Lady Rosedragon

Age: 21

Height: 5'7"

Weight: A lady doesn’t reveal how much she weighs

Eyes: Lime green

Hair: Medium brown

Powers: Can breathe pollen to cause extreme cases of hay fever or as a makeshift smokescreen, Chlorokinesis (but can only control fruits and vegetables for some reason..)

Personality: prim, proper and very lady-like but tries not to be a snob; calm and level-headed except in times of chaos;

Bio: Coming from a very well-to-do family, she lived a normal life until she found an enchanted rose in her mother’s garden. This rose gave her some dragon-like qualities, especially in her face. Ashamed about these physical changes, she ran away from home, unable to face her family and friends. Eventually her wanderings led her to an Aquabats concert, inspiring her to abilities for the greater good.

The enchanted rose she wears with her anti-negativity helmet is what gives here her powers and she loses them if they are separated for too long. However, the rose is almost indestructible and will never wilt.