kumayl ibn ziyad

Last words of Kumail ibn Ziyad

Hajjaj: “So you are Kumayl ibn Ziyad al-Nakha'i?”

Kumayl: “Yes.”

Hajjaj: “I heard stories about you. When you were younger, you spoke out against the great caliph Uthman. ”

Kumayl: “Yes that’s me.”

Hajjaj: “And I heard you are the one who tried to speak out against Mu'awiyah.”

Kumayl: “Yes.”

Hajjaj: “I heard you are the one who loves Ali ibn Abi Talib. You love Abu Turab.”

Kumayl: “Yes, I love Abu Turab.”

Hajjaj: “Curse be on you and on Abu Turab. Dissociate from Abu Turab and I will let you go.”

Kumayl: “Show me a way better than Abu Turab’s way. I will follow it. My master, Imam Ali [a] has told me that you will kill me. Allah’s enemy, do whatever you like! And know that Judgement Day will be after killing.”

Hajjaj: “Disown Ali to save your soul.”

Kumayl: “Show me a religion better than Ali’s.”