((Here to prove that I’m not dead, have some doodles from last year lmfao))


Ok you’re gonna have to fullview these for them to look right but I made some XYORAS-style mother 3 sprites a while back and forgot about them? Here they are tho! I also have a mother 2 set I’m gonna post in a sec and now that I see I’ve done these I’ll do a mother 1 set soon

Feel free to use? Credit would be highly appreciated

MOTHER 2 / Earthbound set

And here are the actual size ones for your viewing pleasure

Day 8 - One of the main girls
I dont post too much of Kuma, so I drew her in both of her outfits


WOW! Mother 3 valentine (cards) for y’all! I know it’s 6 days before valentines day, but if you wanted to print em off and give em out (I don’t know why you would) the option is there! *hides*

Also I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow so expect to see a lot more or a lot less of me this week :0