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Yurikuma Arashi   ユリ熊嵐

1.11 “What We Hope For

“True Love doesn’t break in some stupid Storm. True Love doesn’t leave me all alone.

Shsl Ice climber : Miyuki Oka (Name mean Snow field/Hill) Aka the protag

Alright hello! This new blog (Ignore the previous beanings) for my dumb fangame called Danganronpa Convention or Kuma kon  Other characters will be created and released one by one because im not an expert im only one person 

Only my first supporters/Freinds know about what happens to the cast and everything will be told in a (badly) drawn comic format i made this game because i was inspired by Despair-Resort Dialaces kiling game and others also because its summer and i dont know what to do :V

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the one piece warlords of past and present: a summary
  • doflamingo: u all look like donkey asses haha
  • buggy: says DONKEY-xote doflASSmingo
  • mihawk:
  • hancock: shut the FUCK i am BEAUTIFUL
  • moriah: ok but honestly corpse donkey asses are the real aesthetic
  • crocodile: u all can kiss my ass
  • teach: WHAT ASS SAND MAN
  • law: *dark circles under eyes increase*
  • kuma: *quietly holds up the bible*
  • jinbei: oh

in pirate warriors 2, sanji screams about how there’s two more ladies on the ship (hancock and perona), and wants to know what the hell happened while he was under teach’s control 

so does this mean everyone was travelling on the thousand sunny during the game? you can kind of figure that because of the background lol, but it wasn’t until then that I realised they’re all on this one ship. how are they gonna fit?? who sleeps where? what friendships are made, what enemies are gained, i gotta know all the goss 

 they’d probably all just end up sleeping outside, world’s greatest and most intimidating sleepover

good afternoon! i haven’t been on here a whole lot for the past 2 weeks or so, but on the bright side, school’s finally out for the summer! somehow i managed to pass all my classes omg, i feel really proud of myself… but yeah! looks like i’ll be a lot less busy,, feel free to come bother shirokuma anytime!


Yurikuma Arashi   ユリ熊嵐

1.10 “The Door to Friendship

“I won’t let a Friend be excluded

That moment where you almost hear "Not so fast!" cutting into the wind.