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Schedule of Meat
Here it is folks.  The complete schedule of meat.  My mouth waters just looking at it.  Coming soon - what my doctor had to say about this event and the official Meat Week theme song!   Everyone is welcome to join me for meaty goodness!  There are a few surprises I’ve left off the schedule, so stay tuned during Meat Week!  See you there!   Saturday 8/23 2:00pm - Sheffield’s, 3258 N Sheffield Ave   Sunday 8/24 7:30pm - Crisp, 2940 N Broadway St   Monday 8/25 9:00am - Bakin And Eggs, 3120 N Lincoln Ave 12:00pm - MYSTERY MEAL! 7:00pm - Kuma’s Too, 666 W Diversey Pkwy    Tuesday 8/26 12:00pm - Franks N Dawgs, 1863 N Clybourn Ave 5:00pm - Au Cheval, 800 W Randolph St 10:00pm - Trader Todd’s, 3216 N Sheffield Ave   Wednesday 8/27 11:00am - Longman & Eagle, 2657 N Kedzie Ave 8:00pm - Cafe Orchid, 1746 W Addison St   Thursday 8/28 11:00am - Jim’s Original, 1250 S Union Ave 11:30am - Al’s Beef, 1079 W Taylor St 7:00pm - Honey Butter Fried Chicken, 3361 N Elston Ave   Friday 8/29 12:00pm - Fogo De Chao, 661 N LaSalle St 5:00pm - Harold’s Chicken Shack, 804 W Washington   Saturday 8/30 11:00am - Hot Doug’s, 3324 N California Ave 5:00pm - Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse, 6954 N. Western Ave   Sunday 8/31 12:00pm - Home Cooked Meal

noir-kuma asked:

I was honestly too shy to admit this but here it goes. I think ur art is beautiful. I draw too but Im too shy to post them online. I dont know if u know this but a lot of ppl look up to you, including me. You're an inspiration! You have amazing talent and I wish I had such a strong talent like you. Im not gonna stop drawing though, Ill improve! Anyways i hope this was able to brighten your day, u deserve it :)

As soon as I finished reading this I squished my face in a pillow cause this is too damn cute. Thank you so much. noir-kuma .
This message made my day, and I’d love to see some of your works, don’t be shy to post your art. I’ve been like that in the beginning. To be honest, I’m still kinda hesitant when I post new art, although as you say, some people might look up to me or find me talented, but I still am very conscious about my art and will always see the flaws on it. You might have not noticed, but I used to constantly delete posts from my instagram page because I was afraid people would notice how my art style changes so frequently or notice how I messed up in a certain drawing. But I learnt that, If you keep seeing the flaws in your work - that is okay. It does not mean you are not good enough to show it to people. Every artist has a critical view to their work, I’ve seen really good artists pointing out tiny mistakes in their artwork (and I haven’t even seen them as mistakes) and they neglect the rest of the beautiful piece and never post it anywhere. So I thought, maybe I shouldn’t get that bothered by the flaws on my work and just learn to fix them when I create my next drawing. It helps you improve, and its okay to post art that you don’t like or has flaws. Its okay if you drew a hand slightly off, we all know drawing hands is hell ( ;_ ;). You will find people who like your artworks regardless, because they don’t focus on that tiny flaw on your work, they see the rest of the drawing and they will appreciate your talent. People don’t judge us as much as we judge ourselves.
Goodluck :) If you need any help with your art journey, I’m always here to help and support you!

honestly i like Chiho Saito and the way she interacts with Ikuhara in interviews, she’s constantly bewhildered but they’re good friends anyway

also apparently she liked Yuri Kuma Arashi

too bad most people just remember her homophobic marketing views that she no longer stood by by the time they were mentioned publicly…

The day is here!

And I mean the day when I finally upload my Dragon fanfiction on the net. Meaning that it’s also the day when my featuring artwork will be up here.

Now, I will not upload all of my artwork. Yet. They will come at the same time as more chapters come - but not all chapters will have art posted with it. Only when something new comes.

I will also (if I feel like it) start sometime from now on posting artwork that’s related to my other (still upcoming, don’t know when though) fanfiction that’s about Sabo after he gets rescued by Dragon. This mainly features my OCs, Sabo and Koala. I might upload some picture of Dragon, Ivankov, Inazuma and Kuma too, but don’t know yet.

After this I will still post a link and description of the fanfiction that’s released today.

I probably have a gambling addiction because I used up all my rainbow gems. YOLO! I got another Nami added to my collection. I basically have every Nami except Happiness Nami. Not exactly helpful since you can only use one Nami in your crew. I was pretty disappointed that my last pull was Miss Goldenweek AKA Miss GoldenWEAK. I felt crushed when I saw that silver wanted poster drop down because I got two Miss Goldenweek. Lame. So, I fed one to the other. Though I got some nice pulls too like Kuma, X Drake, and Killer but I’ll need to work hard to evolve them. Lots of work to evolve my characters since I got mostly devolved forms. Well, that’s the end of my Sugo-Fest pulls. Not bad.