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Yurikuma Arashi   ユリ熊嵐

1.11 “What We Hope For

“True Love doesn’t break in some stupid Storm. True Love doesn’t leave me all alone.

the one piece warlords of past and present: a summary
  • doflamingo: u all look like donkey asses haha
  • buggy: says DONKEY-xote doflASSmingo
  • mihawk:
  • hancock: shut the FUCK i am BEAUTIFUL
  • moriah: ok but honestly corpse donkey asses are the real aesthetic
  • crocodile: u all can kiss my ass
  • teach: WHAT ASS SAND MAN
  • law: *dark circles under eyes increase*
  • kuma: *quietly holds up the bible*
  • jinbei: oh

Allies React to a Depressed S/O

Requested anonymously.

-Admin France.

(Warnings: mention of depression.)

•It definitely takes America a lot longer to notice, but when he does, he begins to worry like crazy. He’ll still try to act as his hero personality, but his mind will be buzzing and will be troubled of your health.
•Lots of bear hugs, McDonalds, and ice cream. He wants to make sure that you know someone cares for you and that you’re getting enough proper nutrition (if you’d call McDonalds even that…)
•If you were ever uncomfortable in a situation, Alfred would make a joke to ease the silence or conversation, making it softer and better to bare.

•Arthur knows well of what this feels like, so he knows exactly of how to help.
•Whenever you two are home, he’ll have a cup of tea prepared for you. He’ll have a fire going and will sit beside you. You two will talk things out, he’ll tell you how much he loves you and deeply cares about you no matter what.
•Arthur is sometimes antisocial himself, so he’ll understand how weird it is. He’ll often pull you away from a conversation if it becomes too uncomfortable for you.

•This man will shower you with lots and lots of love? Basically he’ll kiss and hug you nonstop (with your permission), and will constantly remind you how you’re his angel/beauty and how much he loves and treasures you. This includes him hugging you at any given moment and the two of you cuddling up together while watching a movie.
•He’s a beautiful cook as well, so he’ll make sure to cook extravagant things to hopefully attract your taste buds.
•Francis is really scared and concerned for you beneath his happiness, but he doesn’t often show this part of himself. In a bad conversation where you’re uncomfortable or not wanting to talk, he’ll either lightly flirt with you or the other person. If it’s just the two of you, he knows to try and tickle you to get you to talk.

•Ivan is a really loving guy when it comes to this. He’ll hug you and say, “nobody is hurting my precious Y/N, are they? Because if so, we have problem.”
•After he understands what it is, he’ll be sad, but will definitely try to cheer you up through his tales or how he’s going to (kindly) destroy anyone who hurts you.
•He will also make sure that you’re eating? He’ll constantly be asking and telling you how much he cares for you and that you must eat to be strong.
•If you’re in an antisocial situation, he probably won’t be of much help other than entering in and threatening the person.

•Yao has had little siblings so he understands all of this vey well.
•First, he’ll try acupuncture. It’s not as useful but it makes you feel funny.
•Next, he’ll give you a good, relieving massage that’ll help relax you for the day.
•When he hears that you’re not eating, it’s practically the end of the world. He’ll cook up a mad buffet of your favorite foods just to make sure you’re eating.
•Also, he’ll often kiss you on the shoulder and tell you that he loves you, but does so in a bit of a childish manner.

•Honestly this boy is so scared and worried because he doesn’t understand it with other people as well??? And he loves you so dearly much that he wishes he knew the automatic cure.
•Pancakes. Lots of warm, fluffy pancakes accompanied by his occasional Poutine dishes. Though, most of the time he’ll probably buy you whatever you want.
•He’ll spoil you like crazy because he’s frightened and won’t know what else.
•Whenever you’re antisocial, he’s most likely not going to say anything. Matthew is shy himself, so he’ll often be afraid of you getting angry for him talking you.
•Eventually he’ll find a way to hug you and tell you that he loves you more than anything else in the world. Kuma will join in too.

Here is a kuma sketch I was too lazy to make colourful on my phone, she is wearing a t shirt-sweater I got a few weeks back

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Yurikuma Arashi   ユリ熊嵐

1.10 “The Door to Friendship

“I won’t let a Friend be excluded