“  Hello  Toby.  

Of my own volition,
I’ve decided to put myself down
Beauty is not my thing I decided
It’s crept into my mind
That I don’t physically look stunning
Nor am I brimming with intellect.
No amount of practicality
Is allowing me to construe
This sudden notion
Of feeling dumb
Its making me
Delirious when I get praise
I feel shallow and listless.
I am abandoned with only pain
Left to soothe my worries.
I feel like a dry leaf
Writhing under the hot sun
With no one having enough time
To take a look at it.
I feel parched and pulverized
An anecdote reaches my thirsty heart
“It’s all right letting yourself go as long
as you can let yourself back”
For the detour, I’m waiting.
—  Manasa Kumar