rez: um. okay. what’s up?

margot: *deep breath*

margot: okay so you’re going to think I’m a terrible mom but if I even look at another pile of smashed peas I will literally have a mental breakdown and do something we’ll all regret which is why I think we need to enroll in mahima in a daycare even though we can’t afford it because I would rather be homeless than clean up after her again

rez: …

rez: uhh, yeah. okay.

margot: “okay”?

rez: yeah. we’ll make it work…somehow.

As several Third World Feminists have argued, a historical weakness of liberal feminism in the West has been its racist, patronizing attitude towards women of color who have been seen less as allies/agents and more as victims in need of rescue. This attitude prevails both in relation to women of color within Western nation states, as well as women in the global South. This is what allows figures such as Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton to be viewed as feminist saviors even while both, in their roles as Secretary of State, have advanced US imperialism. It is liberalisms understanding of the state as a neutral body, rather than as a coercive apparatus used to advance capitalism and empire, which is at the root of such perspectives.” – Deepa Kumar

Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez (2013)

Documentary single image winner – Street Wrestling, India

‘This picture is of a game called dangal – which means wrestling in English,’ says Indian photographer Retam Kumar Shaw. ‘I took this picture in Kolkata, from the terrace of a roadside building. I wanted to show not only the game but also the nearby situation; many local people are involved in the wrestling matches.’

Photograph: Retam Kumar Shaw