DAY 3129/3130

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Oct 23/24,  2016             Sun/Mon  12:17 am 

Birthday - EF Kankana Chakraborty /Deepak Jain/ Atul Kumar Shrivastava

Monday, October 24, 2016

Birthday greetings to these wonderful Ef - Kankana, Deepak and Atul .. wishing them all the very best in whatever they do and wherever they are and however they are .. our love is with them .. from the Ef 

When life is filled with victories, there does come a time when you think that this is obviously not going to last forever .. it is natures way of bringing a balance in our lives and to tell us that fate could be with you for a while, but very soon if you have not built yourself to deserve the fate that you do, all the victory shall dissolve or fall .. 

Would it really ..?

The deserving have always deserved and those that lament its absence, must introspect whether they truly are being kept away from what they feel they deserve or that their effort in the deservance has kept them away ..

Honesty plays a most important part .. the best honesty comes not from what you give others to perceive, but from what your insides tell you ..

Perception can be built .. can be manufactured .. but can your inner honesty ever compromise .. ?? Nah .. that is what needs to be searched .. searched in the solitude with the self .. at times and locations that do not give reason for atmospheric disturbance .. 

The ‘yogi’ or the practitioners of what could be described as the solace of the inner prayer, always sought the quiet and the distance of solitude .. the Himalayas was the obvious choice .. the forests of dense green was sought .. the wilderness of remote agents was sought .. fine ..

But the Russian Hamlet found it in the most crowded of environs to think of  -

‘to be or not to be, that is the question ….’

Do we really know what we think when we think .. or do we really know what we talk of when we talk .. what other talk overcomes us during that .. what else does the mind wander to .. it is impossible to think contrary to this .. in prayer, which many believe is the nearest one gets to the divine and the Almighty, does our mind remain with divinity .. or does it momentarily wander away to thoughts that could be general, material, domestic, personal or other .. does it happen ?

I wonder ..

The mind is a complex machinery .. it has elements that can bring immense deception, diversion, divinity and destruction simultaneously or in conjunction with each of these  .. it can .. 

We fight for a war .. yet pray for a peace .. just as much as the opponent does .. somewhere we look for supremacy .. nature made us so .. a better and more powerful human .. one that needs to occupy more than what he has .. to conquer the lands that differ from his .. to destroy that which is not in consonance with your own .. to impose the other with the self .. to just be that isolated power that governs rules and commands all else ..

BUT … sadly every time mankind has attempted that he has driven to a point and then returned .. returned or lost to return .. lost to his own land and returned from any ambition of conquest ..

The universe has never been conquered by ONE .. it has been conquered by just ONE and that is nature .. !!

Nature shall guide and conduct us .. there can never be an argument against it

And here ‘endeth the lesson’ ..

Philosophical idiocy, is what can be described, as having gripped me in a state of unpreparedness .. and may it ever be doing so .. for we need to know every now and then how terribly inadequate we are before that which we have no possession or control over ..

But this is real .. this meeting of friends and well wishers .. they come with love and hope and expectation .. disappoint them and the numbers shall decrease, the cheers shall be muted and the absence of the plenty shall prevail ..

Bless them then for each Sunday .. with a prayer and with folded hands .. 

Their love is felt each Sunday  .. each breath of my body .. they give life .. they challenge nature ..

Amitabh Bachchan

She had that shade in her smile prancing somewhere every time her cheek dimpled,

The look of someone used to rejection, but not quite used to it,

Because you can never get used to being told you are not enough

—  Prerana Kumar , Let the Colours Out 

As several Third World Feminists have argued, a historical weakness of liberal feminism in the West has been its racist, patronizing attitude towards women of color who have been seen less as allies/agents and more as victims in need of rescue. This attitude prevails both in relation to women of color within Western nation states, as well as women in the global South. This is what allows figures such as Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton to be viewed as feminist saviors even while both, in their roles as Secretary of State, have advanced US imperialism. It is liberalisms understanding of the state as a neutral body, rather than as a coercive apparatus used to advance capitalism and empire, which is at the root of such perspectives.

Yet, imperialist feminism has not been the province only of white elites in the West; comprador intellectuals in the global South have always played a productive role. Today, in the “post-racial” era, it is not only white liberals and feminists that have bolstered imperialist feminism, middle and ruling class brown and black women in the West and the global South have actively contributed to the articulation of new forms and new agents of imperialist feminism.

One recent example of how imperialist feminism can occasionally incorporate Muslim female agency is the widespread media attention in the West focused on the UAE female pilot Maryam al-Mansouri. Widely praised by liberals and conservatives in the US (not withstanding the “boobs on the ground” comment), al-Mansouri became a means by which to paper over the gulf monarchies’ atrocious human rights record. Even while the image of a Muslim female pilot served to disrupt the standard victim imagery, the larger narrative was one which cast the US as savior leading a coalition of “good Muslims” in a righteous war against ISIS. In place of T. E. Lawrence, we have Barack Obama.

Liberal feminism has routinely viewed women’s participation in the military as positive. In 1991, after the first Gulf war, feminist Naomi Wolf praised US female soldiers for eliciting “respect and even fear” and for taking the struggle for women’s rights forward. What she failed to discuss is the over 200,000 Iraqis, men, women and children, who were killed in that war. US women cannot achieve their liberation on the bodies of the victims of empire any more than Arab women can by raining bombs on Syrians. Empire does not liberate, it subjugates.

I want to reinstate a respect for soil. We must touch the soil. How many times do we touch our mobile phone every day? Maybe 100 times. How many times do we touch the soil? Hardly ever. We must give dignity to peasants, farmers and gardeners.

We are all part of this healthy web of life maintained by soil. The Latin word humus means soil. The words human, humility and humus all come from the same root. When humans lose contact with soil, they are no longer humans.

—  Satish Kumar, “The Link Between Soil, Soul and Society