Kumaoso. Oso, literal na oso tuloy nadrawing ko. Haha. Kaya pala siya may balabal sa leeg kasi may ganun ka nung OrgDay. Naalala ko lang. :) Sabi ko sayo papasusej pangit to e. Pambata. Hahaha. Wala kasi yung Black notebook ko tska magic ballpens ko. Yun ang nagbibigay magic sa sulat kong pambata e. XD Diba sabi mo lagyan ng puso….. literal na puso. Gusto mo ng puso ha. Yan puro puso pa nga e. Hahahahahahaha. Diko na siya naayos kasi di ako makaisip ng idadagdag pa. Sensya. Ayannnn. Hohoho! Merry Christmas Sausage! :)

Learning to write in Baybayin. (my target by the end of the month then, maybe learn to read it fluently before 2011 ends) I think it’ll be awesome if we all try to study our old style of writing. Some people want to learn how to write in Hirigana, Katakana, Korean and other languages but we often forget that our old script writing is also effin A. 

In this picture here I only made a few translations like Kuma, Oso, Pilipino. (please kindly send me a message if there’s something wrong with my translation! As you can see I’m still a noob here! :P)

So there you have it *wink* try to translate words. I assure you it’s pretty easy. :)

Stroll at the mall

Finally bought a charcoal pencil! I’m eager to return my skills in doing freehand drawing… Bought some stuffs like papers, sketchbook, a handy dandy notebook look-a-like, more papers, and a new set of pencils… I’ll definitely be inside my room this whole weekend or NOT (I suddenly remembered that my two bands have rehearsals this Sunday). *mini rage fffffuuuu*

I also bought a replacement for my lost beanie which is one of the few causes of my depression this past few days. Slouchy beanies ftw! >:)

Now let’s do something good shall we?

Title: Apir! (high-five in English) 

Just a doodle of a scenario that happened to me recently. :)


*I’ve run out of laid paper and I’m too lazy to go to Nat'l Bookstore (anlayo mag ji-jeep pa) so I bought specialty boards from the nearest shop. Turns out that it’s good for both pencil and ink. It’s a a lil bit expensive than the ones that I’m using before. But it’s good. :P