@chomaiyo: @kuma_oooo 鳥に襲われてるゆりん描いて

Chomaiyo: Draw Yurin being attacked by a bird


KK: Caw–

Yurin: Ororororo orororo …. KK-san, stop it~~

@chomaiyo: わぁいゆりんの不幸 ちょまいよゆりんの不幸大好き

Chomaiyo: Yaaay Yurin’s misfortune, Chomaiyo loves Yurin’s misfortune

‏@chomaiyo: @kuma_oooo ひとりでさみしくお弁当食べてるゆりんかいて

Chomaiyo: Draw Yurin being lonely and eating a bento by himself 

@kuma_oooo: Yu

Yurin: Where’s everyone gone? Orororo … It’s lonely by myself ….

@chomaiyo: @kuma_oooo ゆりんは学校に友達がいないんだよ

Chomaiyo: Yurin doesn’t have any friends at school

@kuma_oooo: @chomaiyo くまおがともだちになる

Kumao: Kumao will become his friend

@chomaiyo: @kuma_oooo くまおは学校にいないからどっちみちひとりだよ

Chomaiyo: Kumao’s not at his school, so he’s alone either way

@kuma_oooo: @chomaiyo やめたげて、もうやめたげて

Kumao: Stop it, just stop it already


The Family Writer looks slick af ⊟

This obscure device was used to copy Famicom games (or NES games if you have the appropriate converters) onto a flash cartridge – maybe this was meant for piracy, or maybe for just having back-ups? Who knows, I’m too distracted by that dinosaur illustration in the insert to care. Handsome as it is, at least one person has called the Family Writer “utter shit” with severe limitations.

The photos above come from @Kumao_573. While trying to dig up more information about the device, I found there was a less attractive version for the Super Famicom too. I also discovered the best ad ever for a similar thing called the Family Ace (possibly just a rebranded Family Writer?):

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KK's 1st major album, "Kokorone" !

Releases September 10th! Listen to the crossfade here!

UPDATE (8/23): Updated with crossfade link and LE DVD info!

jacket illustrator: Kumao (くまお♀)
( old post with tokuten info and rough/uncolored draft of jacket cover )

cover songs

  • Ringo Uri no Utakata Shoujo / yukkedoluce
  • World on Color / koyori, arrangement: CrowCat
  • Ikanaide / Souta
  • Starduster / JimmyThumbP
  • Sore ga Anata no Shiawase Toshitemo / Heavenz
  • Jishou Mushoku / nekobolo 
  • HEAVEN / Tsubasa Harihara, arrangement: ROZEO EMBLEM 

original songs

  • Solitary Habitat / koyori
  • Rei / Ramune
  • Amaterasu / Harry
  • Boku Dake no Stand By Me / Harry
  • Velvet tread / Heavenz 
  • Paysage (French for “landscape) / music: MikitoP, lyrics: Tsubasa Harihara
  • Survey Ship / Yusuke Otoshi

KK original songs

  • Kokorone (心根) / KK
  • Kokorone (心音) / KK

( total of 16 songs )

Tokuten info under the cut!

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@0o0re0o 結婚しよう

Oren: Let’s marry

@kuma_oooo:@0o0re0o はい

Kumao: Okay

@swi_s:@kuma_oooo @0o0re0o だめ

Swi: You can't 

‏@kuma_oooo:@swi_s 結婚しよ

Kumao(To swi): Let’s marry

@swi_s:@kuma_oooo そういうセリフはちゃんと言葉にしないとだめ

Swi: You need to say these words properly in person!!!