What not to do when your crush is moving away! (Seigi no Mikata)

Back to my Japanese drama obsession, for now. Basically I’ve been re-watching Seigi No Mikata, note that re-watching a certain drama I’ve watched before is something very rare meaning that this drama is very entertaining no matter how many times you’ve watched it. At first I watched this drama when I was in the beginning of middle school and I didn’t really get the end of Riku and Kumako’s relationship and how she was supposed to “make-him-stay.” But now I’ve made a simple summary of what had happened. 

SPOILER ALERT, yesh I’m spoiling so sucks for you if you haven’t started or finished watching it. 

So the Sister tells Kumako to go for it as “You won’t get what you want if you’re not honest!” and so Kumako runs to the train station to confess her feelings to Riku. 

(Yeah it took you 10 episodes to realize that, really?)

And but of course she has to search for him too!

When in actuality…. 

He is right there, facepalm moment. 

AND THEN, she gasps. Riku? But then when the train is near by!

She shouts his name but not once, oh no. 

YOSHA! It’s twice and it’s his full name as well. Suddenly suspense. The train passes and Kumako makes faces like this…

ぱっと!!!!! (searched the word suddenly in Japanese and that came out btw)

Yup he’s there, this is why I love drama’s btw. At this point I kept screaming on how Riku is such a nice guy and he stayed!

Look at his “I-can’t-believe-you-just-confessed” face ;-) brought me to tears. And so I expected (okay I was just hoping that my memory deceived me and that they would end up together) but….. EPIC FACEPALM MOMENT

They just sit there in awkward silence, and ANOTHER EPIC FACEPALM MOMENT. Instead of asking, pleading, begging him to stay she says…

REALLY? YOU WANT HIM TO MOVE? and I thought you liked him. 

But then, then, then. I literally cried at this part. 


Yeah that would be the same face I would give if he said… BYE?! BUT THEN, again.


Damn, the door closed. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT. 

ヽ(;▽;)ノ  ヽ(;▽;)ノ OH HAPPY DAY

Yeah I would cry to, well I really did cry. 

And so, the train goes away. 

And all she could do is, run… after the train? 

Well that’s all everyone, hope you liked it! Oh and Riku’s spacing out face is just cute ;) HAHA 


AND PLEASE WHEN YOUR CRUSH IS MOVING AWAY, don’t follow her -_-;;;; I know it’s romantic and sad but in real life, really? and again BBYEOM!