fried--stars  asked:

is that a cane kit has? if so that's super cool!! it's nice to see rep for disabled folks in fantasy settings besides the ones i make for my players tbh

ah, no it’s a kumade. its their weapon, and they also use it as a climbing tool

but you’re right, i really aught to put in some disabled npcs as well! i hadn’t thought about that, so thanks!


Osomatsusan Kumade (2016)

the decorated kumade(kumade means bamboo rakes) is a lucky charm in Japan.
since 1500s, kumade has been believed to “rake in good fortune” and bring happiness to those who purchase and display them.
as same as other amulets and talismans in Japan, kumade is usually provided at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

Osomatsu 一攫千金 - to become wealthy at a single bound
Karamatsu 千客万来 - to have so many visitors
Choromatsu 家内安全 - for the safety and well-being of the family
Ichimatsu 厄除開運 - to bring better fortune and ward off evil
Jyuushimatru 無病息災 - to be in good health and not meet across accident
Todomatsu 開運招福 - to bring a good change of life and happiness