kumada sea


Sakura: Papa is in Tokyo! That’s why I want to get to Tokyo somehow! Ryu: If that’s the case, go alone!
Sakura: I’ve tried to go so many times. But I’m always caught by station staff or policemen and they take me back home.Then when I get home, I’m beaten so many times, and forced to stand in the garden until morning.
Ryu: Oi, shorty. It seems for some time, you’ve been causing us more drama!
Sakura: Here, look! Bring me along. I’m begging you. I don’t want to go back to that house anymore!!
Ataru: Let’s go together. To Tokyo. This child is the same as us. She’s looking for a place where she has a chance to live again.

Runaway | episode 01 This was the moment when this drama won me over. This is the best drama of the fall/winter or the whole year sooo far. Great story, amazing cast and Ichihara Hayato is a god as always. last but not least there is Sea who is a damn impressive little creature ^^