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In the first hour of our grueling, most uncomfortable seven-hour sail across Luzon Strait to Calayan Island that summer morning, our small group, with many other passengers, were readying for the untoward scene that anyone would not want to picture in his mind. With high, defiant waves battering our boat from every direction, we were at the mercy of the ocean. For the next hours we were scared, soaked, seasicked, famished, and shivering – surely my wildest travel to date. It had me musing: Our will is so powerful that if we live on or perish we bring it upon ourselves

The trip was deadly. But all the same Calayan was a dream fulfilled.

Calayan Island
Babuyan Group of Islands
Calayan, Cagayan
April 2017

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Name: Danie
Age: 18
Country: Philippines

Hey guys! My name is Danie, pronounced as Danny, but if you decide to hit me up, you can call me Dan. I am a genderfluid bisexual who loves to watch movies (preferably, romcom, sci-fi, mystery,thriller), cook, paint, listen to music, sing although I am not good at it, read, and make friends. Im only ever good with communication when it is online but never in person. I love to joke around, be sarcastic, and annoy the crap out of my closest friends. I’d love to have a penpal because life gets boring and having a complete stranger to talk to sounds fun & spicy. HAHAHA

Preferences: kristen stewart. jk. HAHA 17 to 22

Pinoy Deaf Rainbow is so gr8 it’s a group of Filipino deaf LGBTs who help, protect and support other Pinoy deaf LGBTs not just in LGBT issues but also in issues like finding jobs for the deaf community, pushing for deaf rights and LGBT rights at the same time

I love them 

also I was lucky enough to go to school with a large deaf community plus a very large and visible and even dominant LGBT+ community so I got to see how that kind of a community could form so strongly

Have you ever seen a group of gay deaf Pinoys sign? 

Pinoys have gay slang called the “beki” or “swardspeak” that is nearly its own language. Deaf gay pinoys, iirc from my time in college, also have special signs and affectations to their signs that differ from sign language that other deaf pinoys use

It’s rly cool

kidnap as many people you want,
arson as many buildings, churches
and havens we once called safe,
deface as many relics, and statues

but you can’t erase, burn or destroy
kindness and love
and that is something you would never understand
that even though we’re breaking and falling,
even though we don’t want,
but still we do forgive you.

Not blinded by faith,
But we just need to
Because we’re still a nation
And you’re still children of God.
—  Have Faith Marawi and the World by fishesca
Muslims are lending Christians their hijabs so they can flee Isis
Terrified Christians are escaping Isis militants in the Filipino town of Marawi by wearing hijabs borrowed from Muslims. There are around 1,500 people trapped in the besieged Filipino city, which is about 60 miles south of Cagayan de Oro. Almost 100 people have escaped on foot, while others have swum across the river. Medics tending those who have made their way out alive recounted the resourcefulness of those who fled.




Calayan Island also known as the Sentro Calayan is located in the northern part of Luzon and eastern part of South China Sea. Babuyan Group of Islands has 5 major islands, these are Dalupiri, Camiguin, Babuyan and Calayan. Fuga Island is the 5th island but it is part of Aparri municipality while the other 4 are part of Cagayan municipality. And yes, there are thousands of locals are living in Sentro Calayan.
I never expected that aside from Batanes, there’s a hidden gem in the northern part of Luzon. According to blogs, summer is the best season to travel going to Calayan Island. Ber months til January is windy season and huge waves are present. We were worried few weeks before our trip. We were almost planning for a Plan B, but still, we pushed Calayan, and I never regret joining this @sinopinas trip though.
Calayan is a must visit place, eventhough few people could get there, but for me, traveling for 5 hours to get there is a hard journey but it’s more than worth it. Every side, every corner in this place is totally visually attractive, it’s picturesque, but when you see it with your own eyes, it’s completely different.

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