For the Top 3 Admin's Choice for Question 4 are...


rawrsninja: Pakainin siya buong araw at magdamag.. hangga’t finally mabusog siya. Nandiyan ang hilaw na mangga, shrimp pizza at chocolate. Kung mabubusog siya. :)) Sabi nga kasi nila.. a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So there. I know he loves food. So that’ll be my target. :))


aznsiesta: Support him through whatever rumors and gossip he’s going through :)


jvaenchayinne: Okay, I have a situation for this… a few more weeks to go and Enchong will celebrate his Birthday. The sweetest thing I can do for Enchong is: For a week until his birthday comes each day I will give him the things that are special to him or his favorite (e.g. food, music etc.) and each day I will ask different people to give it to him and tell him I love you in my place. He will be bombarded in the hallways or wherever he is by random people saying I love you with a present. And then when the final day comes I will be the one to do all those things :D… I think that’s a sweet & cute gesture :D Well, not in a romantic way. Maybe like a sweet Ate, a very good friend or a thoughtful fan :-) ♥

kulsimojako: Gusto ko an adventure with him :) Kasi naalala ko di niya natry mag white water rafting so yun para bonding na rin. Tapos ung lunch at dinner namin ung super favorite dishes niya na pinagaralan ko lutuin into perfection! :D

Thanks for participating! :)