The Butterfly Affect


I can’t tell you how relieved (or my wife for that matter) I am to Finally be posting this artwork!

This image was originally started on a 1st Generation iPad, running the earliest versions of Savage Interactive’s Procreate App. It was then continued on an iPad 3. By this time Procreate had incorporated a nifty video recording feature.

Years later, now on an iPad Air, many versions of Procreate later… this artwork is now complete. Because I wasn’t able to capture everything that went into this piece, you’ll just have to believe me when I say… this one went through a bunch of changes. It simply was one of those pieces of artwork that I worked on a great deal so much so that I didn’t want to ruin it!

Either way I am happy with the outcome, and can now move forward onto new creations!



Since I have been & currently working on more portraits, now seems to be a proper time to post one for Throwback Thursday!

Heres my interpretation of the classic musical Fiddler On The Roof. My initial sketches & proofs for this piece was done in the earliest versions of Procreate, on the 1st Generation iPad. Once it was approved I recreated & painted the final image you see on Clayboard.

This was created for a High School rendition of the musical, it was to serve as the entrance sign for attending guests.

Artwork is circa ‘11.