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Wishing all my friends and followers a very Joyous Christmas season!! 🎄🎄🎄

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Merry Christmas 🎄 to all my tumblr friends, especially to @zoom-love @carolef45, @edwinvdbogert, @marauderfan, @june-bm, @petrinakent , @donleyjan , @dianefelicio, @roav , @mudz69, @geepower, @kulorbandit, @kibangkok, @themazette, @thegleaminghill, @bullzara, @eichan68, @lunoday, @markxwhite, @nadiagabellafioriegatti, @sylvialynch, @wagonized,

It was a very busy year and I was absent most of the time. So I am very, very happy you are still around.

My biggest wish for 2017 is that I will find much more time to draw and to meet you all here on tumblr.

Have a wonderful Christmas ✨🎄🍾 and a very happy New Year!


Sometimes you just have to slowdown and gather your thoughts before diving right in! This was the case for ‘Chrysalis’, the name of my latest, finished @sktchyapp portrait, and i’m much happier with this version. Be sure to check out my previous posts on Instagram (profile in bio above) with detail shots. You can view the photo that inspired this portrait on @sktchyapp, under my Mr. Bandit profile. In addition, she is the 2nd installment for my new series. You’ll be able to view her and other new artworks up close and personal at my upcoming @conceptionartshow here in Phoenix, AZ. 02/10/17. More information about show times and ticket prices can be found using the link in my previous post!


This was a Christmas Gift for my mother-in-law and now that it’s in her hands, I can finally share the finished artwork with you. 

Tribute portraits are always difficult to complete especially when they’re of someone you know and love… there’s an emotional component you have to grapple with from time to time throughout the process. This is Grandpa Percy… Loving husband, father of 5, grandfather of 10, great-grandfather of 5, and he was awesome! A man of faith, War Veteran, businessman, he could sing, was a smooth dancer, super funny and magician for the entire family. He was always the life of the party, and though we lost him this past September before the holidays… his presence was surely felt. It was an absolute honor to know him and to be a part of his family! He is loved and will be dearly missed by all! 

May you rest in eternal peace Percy. 



Little Book, Big Plans

As it is every year with Inktober, sleeping is a luxury. So once the challenge is over i’ve made it a habit to take a few days to rest before starting something new. Full disclosure: each year I create my own list for Inktober and these Muppets weren’t on it. They came about while traveling to NY at the start of Inktober 2016. It just so happened at the time I had this little $5 sketchbook with me which I actually purchased on a trip a year prior to Montauk, NY. Realizing time was going to be an issue, the first Muppet post of The Count was created. From that point on, things got crazy. For a $5, generic, gift shop sketchbook, made of recycled, toned paper, this book was pretty resilient to all types of ink. These illustrations were a blast to create, each one pushing my imagination further and further. Because of this, and because a number of you have asked… i’ve decided to take this project a bit further. I will be adding a couple more characters (which i’ll start posting soon) and finding a way to bring them to print! An official announcement post will be made once things are up and ready so stay tuned. A BIG Thank You to all of for your comments, suggestions, encouragement, and support… you’ve helped make this Inktober a success!