i showed some people some videos from the Kukeri festivals in Bulgaria during the winter and they were like “thats kinda dumb, like i dont think this is a pagan tradition. it’s not really nature worshiping”

like are you kidding me, this is a pagan tradition in Bulgaria that lasts 3 days and people come from all over and there is a lot of food and dances and what not, and people dress up in costumes that are showing the demons and kukeri that are coming from the underworld to waken up the Earth and like I grew up with this, Surva on the end of January was my favourite. Y’all keep on blogging about pagan shit that seems nice to you, talking about crystals and shit but once actual countries that practice something different from yours are shown yall be speaking about what true paganism is

like look at these

don’t fucking blog about how nice and amazing paganism is on your tumblr blog and then fucking make fun of other people’s pagan traditions and what they worship because it doesnt appeal to you like holy shit this is not a dogmatic belief