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Send 🖤 for a forced/harsh/firm kiss.

Send 🖤 for a forced/harsh/firm kiss - I  am going to  r u i n  you

    Kuja liked to think himself a patient sort.

    But it had been a long sort of day full of false smiles and careful flirtations, and the very last thing Kuja’s crumpling decorum needed was Zidane’s incessant questions and snide remarks.

    In fact, he’d barely just laid eyes on the brat when the bristling of irritation began crawling along his tail.

    The first words out of Zidane’s mouth didn’t register. Simply the sound of his voice triggered  what happened next, little more than a blur of movement and sensation. Between one moment and another, he’d crossed the room, gripped his face and held his waist, and the full weight of his body now pinioned his younger counterpart against the wall.

    And then he kissed him, savagely as he was able, kissed him with all his rage, his envy, his need. Burning at the tip of his breaching tongue was everything he’d longed to say, poisonous and decadent and poised to steal his breath.

    It was only when he tore away with a jolt, that Kuja noticed he was shaking.

    …How indignant.

    Best to leave it at that, he decided, and retreated promptly from the sitting room.