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Do Not Watch Guilty Crown

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hankering for some good ol’ fashioned funny-bad anime. I’d been watching a lot of really great, cerebral stuff lately, and I felt like taking a breather and just watching something silly I could shut my brain off to. I tried both Aquarion EVOL and Sankarea: Undying Love, but while those series had issues, I’ve greatly enjoyed both. Sankarea had some glaring issues with its fanservice, but it was bolstered by strong character writing and a unique aesthetic that greatly appealed to me. EVOL is dumb as a sack of rocks, but so heartfelt and sincere that I’d have to be a serious grump to not be charmed by it. So in my quest to find something dumb and bad to laugh at, I bit the bullet and finally watched Guilty Crown.

Holy fucking shit.

Guilty Crown is far and away one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Not just in anime but in media as a whole. It is a bizarre, beautifully animated, lavishly scored pile of horrific bile. At the moment I’m quite honestly not sure whether it’s better or worse than Elfen Lied and considering I list that show as the worst anime I’ve ever sat through, that’s saying something.

I’ve felt inspired to write about it since early on, but having just finished I can’t seriously think of how to start. There’s just so much wrong at its core that every time I try to parse my thoughts I find something new to harp on for paragraphs. So this…essay, post, whatever you can call it will mostly be me rambling and trying desperately to express what an absolute travesty this series is. So consider this a not-at-all-extensive list of what’s terrible about Guilty Crown.

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