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Rebocon 4 BLUE (the video says its 3 but nope its 4, the uploader probably made a typo)

Highlight (VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI i’m still doing this for u trashes even tho you should be watching everything be grateful)

(once again… couldn’t find eng sub…….. im the trash now haha….)

Skip to 31min: Simulation by Spanner and Shoichie (both are too cute for their own sake)

Right after Simulation: Kyouki no Hana by Kykyo (the voice actor is a professional singer lol and he sang EASY GO too really good performance)

Right after Kyouki no Hana (thats a lot of right after lol but i really enjoyed this rebocon): End:res by Mukuro (where u get to watch him off beat AGAIN lmao, and the accompany dancers do weird shit lol, also he got bullied by Yamamoto and Ryohei after finishing singing hahahah. the man who’s at the bottom of the vongola food chain aka mukuro-chan)

Skip to 1h06: Beginning to the family sing-off

   - Vongola Family: Jump originally by Kyoko and Haru (prepare yoself lmao)

   - Varia: Tatta Latta originally by Chrome, I-Pin, Lambo, Kyoko and Haru (PREPARE YOSELF FOR SOME GOOD VARIA QUALITY LMAOOO)

   - Millefiore Family: Kufufu no Fu originally by Mukuro (prepare yoself to watch Mukuro getting roasted so bad hahahahah)


P-S I’ll just assume y’all can recognize the character by the voice so… :D enjoy

Watch on khr-love.tumblr.com

Rebocon4 RED 

(sorry couldn’t find end sub)

Highlight of this rebocon: 

-skip to 50min: Theres this round where the voice actors sing another voice actor’s character song (it’s hilarious)

  - Natsu Team sing Friend originally by Kyoko and Haru (I’m not gonna spoil who sings that here lol)

  - Gyuudon Team sing Burning Prayer originally by Lal Mirch (the cover nailed it)

  - Jirou Team sing No Control originally by Irie Shouichi (also nailed it)

  -  Roll Team sing Kufufu no fu originally by Mukuro alone (poor Mukuro lol literally everyone who covers this song sings better than his live version lololol that’s what u get for always being off beat hahah he’s at the bottom of the food chain lmao)