Siu Pau Kuen or Small Leopard Fist.

This is one of our fundamental forms, though it is not as long or as difficult as the full Leopard form, ths provides students with some true foundational techniques and training which will further help them along their journey in the Choy Li Fut system.

It is also in action what I tell and expect of my students, “When you are advanced, no matter if the form is called a beginner form, it should appear advanced and at your level.“

dromega2099 asked:

the ending fight scene from police story 2, the little nerd that kicks jackie chan 3 times before he hits the ground, has he been in anything else?

The mute guy? That’s Benny Lai Leung Kuen. I think he was originally part of Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team.
He’s been in a lot of films, but he’s never been more than a henchman or second tier character. Why he never got recognition I don’t know as the guy is obviously talented.
He’s choreographed a few films too but, again, nothing all that memorable.


How to:
Salted duck egg Drunken fried rice.

When you eat this you will taste Creamy, Salty, Spicy and a little bit lime refreshing sour taste.


-Pork (Nuer-Moo) for one person.
-1 Salted duck egg (Khai-Kem)
-1 Egg (Khai-Kai)
-1-2 scoops of 1night left over rice (Khaw-Suay-Kang-Kuen)
-2-3 Kaffir Lime leaves (Bai-Mai-Krood) break it to small pieces.
-1slice of Galanga (Kha) chapped small.
-Chili and Garlic paste (Prik-Ga-Teim-Tam) as you prefer.
-½ tsp. Oyster sauce (Nam-Man-Hoay)
-½.tsp Soy Sauce (See-Eew-Khaw)
-few drops Fish Sauce (Nam-Pla)
- 1piece of Key lime (Ma-Now-Keaw)

**the reason I prefer 1night left over rice, because the texture suit better for making fried rice, the rice will not hold each other like paste.


First add olive oil to heated pan wait until the oil get hot add Chili Garlic paste, galangal and Kaffir lime leaves , follow up with pork cook it until pork start to cook half way, add egg -do not stir egg and pork together until the egg start to get cook like half way cook, add rice and mix it together add Soy Sauce and oyster sauce. Add salted duck egg. Cook everything together then add few drops of fish sauce. Serve with Cucumber if you like and don’t for get to squeeze key lime juice mix with the fried rice and feed you self with the creamy salty delicious Salted Duck Egg Drunken Fired Rice!!


Adventures in Architecture: Cold War Berlin's Utopian Cityscapes From Both Sides of the Wall

Heinrich Kuhn, Wohnbebauung von Chen Kuen Lee, Märkisches Viertel, Senftenberger Ring 80-86, Fotografie, um 1970, © Heinrich Kuhn/Sabine Krüger, Repro: Isabell Kanthak

Demolished by the war and then divided by the wall, Berlin may have seemed like unstable ground for a flowering of modern design and city planning. Radically Modern, a new exhibition at the city’s recently reopened Berlinische Galerie that’s running through October, showcases how the sixties building boom on both sides of the wall, when two political systems sought to exude modernism and step away from the recent past, gave rise to unorthodox ideas espousing a utopian future. This examination of urban design not only highlights some of the era’s key modernist buildings, such as Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie, as well as a retrofuture aesthetic, but is also trying to make a present-day case to preserve the architecture of this era. The collection of sketches, urban planning documents, models and photos from more than 30 architects is just decades old, but a significant number of these structures have already been lost or are in danger.

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This Custom Modern Houseboat May Be Berlin’s Hippest Rental [Curbed]
How Mies van der Rohe’s Design for a Bacardi HQ in Cuba Became Berlin’s Iconic Neue Nationalgalerie [Curbed]

O mistério dos fetos enrolados em fios de ouro

O mistério dos fetos enrolados em fios de ouro

A polícia tailandesa prendeu um homem britânico após a descoberta de seis bebês humanos embrulhados em folhas de ouro, logo, a polícia percebeu que era uma preparação para algum tipo de ritual de magia negra, de acordo com relatórios da polícia.

Kuen que foi detido com eles,disse que comprou os cadáveres dias antes por ($ 6400) e planejado para levá-los para Taiwan. Não disse onde comprou, mas a…

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When labels kept hearing from the bands they represented that they didn’t just want a normal tour anymore, The Rolling Thunder tour was born. A tour that combines every genre of music you could think of on a world traveling tour. Being opened up to a bigger fanbase can have its downsides though, you’re open to more criticism and someone is always watching your every move.

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