Got my hands on some pretty sweet copies of Hung Kuen books by Lam Chun Fai. Big thanks to @hoovervision for letting me borrow these!!!


klatch & bardot, cheongdamdong, seoul.

this cafe is very nicely decorated, we came here for the ice cream, but they do have coffee, pastries and desserts as well. it’s another jang keun suk recommendation. XD

we bought the ice cream and went outside of the cafe to enjoy on their nice sofa area. eating ice cream under 10 degree celsius is awesome! =D anyway the ice cream taste great, very creamy texture and the flavor is nice, i pick the dark chocolate one.

there are other places that sells this brand of ice cream too, we just came here because we are near and wanted to visit because jks was here.

“Gracias Bouquet” by Marti Kuehn, oil on canvas, 12x18in, $100

“As 2014 came to a close, painter Marti Kuehn journeyed to Cuba with a group of fellow artists and collectors to meet Cubano artists in their homes, studio, and galleries. Her pair of “Chandelier Dancer” paintings originate from celebrating…” Continue reading by clicking the following link: http://www.artebelladaily.org/artists/marti-kuehn-2/

Random Memories 077: Waiting For Its VIP.

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