I’m never reading a nostalgia listicle again i swear to god I just clicked thru one about 90s snacks and when I landed on Kudos bars I legit got sad like hell yeah i remember kudos bars, i remember eating one kudos bar, but my parents never bought any bc why would you spend that much on a frivolous name brand chocolate snack bar thats only gonna give your kid cavities? idk i just got this pang of longing, like the memory instantly came to me but also a feeling of emptiness like a physical representation of unattainable luxury (for a elementary school kid) and now its discontinued and i’ll never live in opulence. sarah, its just a fuckin granola bar w m&ms nO MAN it’s the american dream 

I was tagged by wanteddandontherun to answer these questions and then tag 10 people you want to know better:
Nickname(s): Bean, Hoe, Bae, Kayla Birthday: November 20th

Gender: Female
Height: 5′8

Sexual orientation: Bi bi bi (bi bi)
Favourite colour: Black/Pink
Current time and date: 12:03am and 8/21/15
Average hours of sleep: Like 5???
Lucky number: 156 & 7
Last thing I googled: Kudos Bar
One place that makes me happy: The abandoned swing set near my house
How many blankets i sleep under: 1 in summer, 2/¾ in winter Favourite fictional character: Abigail Sciuto
Favourite books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower,
Favourite tv shows: NCIS, Castle, Glee,
Most used phrase: texing: ‘yea’ or 'yeeee’ irl: “Felica” or “Bae”
Last movie you saw in theatres: The Man From U.N.C.L.E (I ship Russian dude & cowboy but they try to shove another hetero relationship down your throat like the 2 main guys flirted wayyy more)
Dream holiday: Take my mom to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Paris and Disney Tokyo for like 3 months or France because I know French
Dream wedding: (Don’t want to get married but) Giant puffy dress, in a hall with lots of seats because I hate the standing parts of weddings, with super unhealthy, un-wedding like food and the chillest cake and a horse drawn carriage like Cinderella
Dream pet: A cat
Dream job: Imaginear working at Disney World and people I know think 'you’ll become homeless on the way to the top’ and I can’t wait to prove them fucking wrong
What are you wearing right now: Long sleeved gray shirt & too small jean shorts
Last book you read: Well I just finished Paint Me a Monster & am reading Looks right now!!

I tag: thatnerdyredneck cardboardwhale osymandyas skellydun lackadaisicalcloud staaaarling astarkofwinterfelll applesandbannas747 just-shut-the-hell-up commandingcaptainbooty
(I tagged mostly mutuals who I miss talking to like I used to and Skellydun because they are my favorite “YouTuber”)

September seems to be mail time!! I’ve gotten a slew of awesome deliveries recently including these bars from one of my long time friends @skoutorganic! We go waaaaaay back. They were one of the first companies I ever reviewed for on the blog and I am so excited that they’ve gone back to their original bar recipe! No added sugar just fruit sweetened the way I like it. Kudos friends!
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