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Hawkeye (2012) #11

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I took your advice and I read the manga to make my point. It changed, I must say, but I will stay with the same opinion, they will never become something more. honestly, DekuxUraraka is the couple that will end up together. But I've to say that your determination to ship them is cool.

i’ve said this time and time again, and i’m sick of repeating myself, so let me say this one last time:

If they are friends, FANTASTIC.

If they work together as hero partners, FANTASTIC.

If they develop a romantic relationship, FANTASTIC.

As long as they are safe, healthy, and happy, I do not care whether or not tododeku becomes canon.

nonetheless, thank you for being nothing but polite^^

u gotta comment on the fics you like!! let the author know that you love it! like even if you’re just commenting ‘i love this’ that’s good and like literally takes 4 seconds (way, way less than it takes for the writer to actually write the fic) and i know some writers are like fine and they don’t mind so i’m not speaking for everyone (although I’m pretty certain pretty much everyone does??) but it can become really discouraging if you don’t get any feedback cause you don’t know if ppl are liking where you are taking the story, you don’t know if those are just pity kudos, you don’t know if people like your writing etc. and ppl can get embarrassed about it and delete/discontinue their awesome stuff - like kudos is good, like thanks for doing that, but it doesn’t let the author know what you think

like i’ve seen fics that have like 3 comments and loads of kudos so obviously ppl like it and the author is still updating and i’m just like how do you do that, you strong, amazing person? and like it’s great to write for yourself, but writers can just do that without sharing their amazing!!! stuff online with all of us, but they do so let them know you appreciate it!!

just comment on the fic!!! if you love it let them know and make ppl happy - if they made you happy with their fic why wouldn’t you wanna make them feel good by commenting?? just comment - and for all of you that do, keep up the great work!!! (and for those of you that don’t, there’s always time to change ;)))) 

SO UHHH idk about y’all but as an artist I get SUPREMELY uncomfortable when artists hijack posts about fanfic writers visibility and comments

Like yes we artists get kicked around a lot but fanfic writers get shown close to no recognition at all and??? they’re only asking for comments and kudos and they provide A LOT of shit other ppl can’t do and writing is a lot of work so???

so yeah, maybe, next time you see a post about fanfic writers wanting some recognition for their fcking work, maybe don’t be a fucking piece of shit and just reblog and shut your fucking vagina mouth????????

A New Generation Overthrows Gender
Parents, schools and elected officials are working to catch up and adapt to the needs of children and teens who don't fit into familiar gender categories.

as a NonBinary elder (i’m genderqueer), this makes me so hopeful for the future. kudos to Max and all other nb young ppl quoted! 

i kno it’s not easy to exist outside the gender binary, but i believe tht being true to yourself is worth the fight. not only is it liberating to live authentically, but it doesn’t change the fact tht we’re still worthy of love, acceptance, and support.


Well, tonight was awesome… ahahaha. I got to know really awesome people in this Bakery.

A lovely chat and tea with Miss Ruth ( @smokespun/ @ruthanne-winter)

Found one wise Raen, that I can already call a brother, Shoji! ( @mugishalffull)

And our host, and what great one he was! Mr. Janlenoux! @ser-janlenoux-courcillant!

Thank you all for having me as a costumer and as a talkative Raen aahaha! And kudos to <Heart> FC for this awesome ppl!

:D Just a sketch inspired by one of my favorite YJ fanfics.

(Since the author is no longer active on ffn, I won’t post a link to the fanfic here, just in case that upsets them. But if you want to know where it’s from [and you promise not to comment on their stories, because they’ve expressed on FFN that they don’t want that], then message me privately and I’ll let you know where you can find it. Well, after I ask for permission to share the link, of course.)

Sterek recs: The Underappreciated Edition

So, I’ve seen a lot of talk about underappreciated fics on my tumblr lately, and a lot of awesome people pushing great fics that have flown below the radar. I thought I’d join and put together a rec list. Some of the most enjoyable sterek fics I’ve read have under 1k kudos, and I just know ppl are missing out on reading good fics. 

Read these underappreciated fics ppl are reccing. And remember to kudo them! Let’s show everyone some love.

The following fics have under 1k kudos, and I loved each one for one reason or another, and I believe they are awesome and need to be read and loved. (as i sit here and rec most of these, i’m like I LOVE THIS FIC READ IT, so srsly ppl…i love these fics. At least 5 of these fics are in my top fave fics of all time :P) I hope you find some you enjoy as well <3

Remedy for Memory by aerowyn

Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose

Make Us Laugh (or Nothing Will) by rohkeutta

Extra Innings by tuesdaymidnight

Peace and Quiet by thelittlestwolf

Romancing The Sourwolf. (Or, Stiles Stilinski’s 100% Foolproof Guide To Getting Your Man.) by lucy_in_the_soup_with_croutons 

Glasses, Coins, and Golden Rings by nubiany

Missed Deadlines by aerowyn

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by KeriArentikai

Thank You For Breaking My Heart by Loz

There’s a Howling That Stays Under My Skin by LunaCanisLupus_22

Carry My Body Safe To Shore by derekstilinski

After You by Castielific

What Forever Means To Us by Green

Big Block of Cheese Day by raktajinos

So I Sat Alone and Waited Out The Night by theaeblackthorn

Chapter Hale House by aaeth

Red and Black by notenuffcaffeine

You Keep Showing Up by scottmcniceass

you’re the only north star (dear god) by spiekiel

We Held Fast by GotTheSilver

Little Blue Dress by Anonymous

You Might Just Find You Get What You Need by tanwencooper

The Hunt by HenryMercury

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Hey different anon but u r seriously the sweetest and deserve the world? U r so kind to everyone who sends messages u and u try so hard for ur friends and overall just seem like such a loving person. Kudos to u, the world needs more ppl like u. Dont think ur kindness goes unnoticed!

!!! This is honestly something I’ve really wanted to hear for such a long time. Thank you so much, anon I really really do appreciate it. It’s difficult conveying emotion over a keyboard and every time I receive a nice anon I feel like I’m never able to show my gratitude enough!

Really though, thank you so much for sending this! I know it probably doesn’t seem like much to you, but I you really do have my gratitude!


I’m too weak I can only make two pages *sighhhh* 

How do ppl make long doujin so fast.. kudos to them   Anyway, based on @marzbandaryun tweets (hope you don’t mind I used it >.<)

A what if scenario when nekoma loses before they could meet karasuno in the court and daichi happens to watch that match ouch

I really want to draw part 2 from Kuroo’s POV… but idk I hope I could finish it since I work so slow T^T