kudos to my team

I love subtle hints


This was Team Jercy’s submission for the first round of the Heroes of Olympus Ship Olympics! Everyone put a ton of effort into it, and we’re all super proud of how it came out, so please give some HUGE kudos to my awesome team members:

I did the initial sketches and pulled everything together in InDesign
Hika did the lining, coloring, Percy’s handwriting, and helped with the script
Leed took care of the monsters, did Jason’s handwriting, and helped with the script
Asa helped with the script and provided the lovely doodled stick monsters
Leo came up with the entire concept and helped with the script
Charlie helped with the script


Saw someone shared this on OVAM’s fb page & thought it was effin brilliant. Seriously, watch it. Years from now, people would remember the green & pink poster of VA, nobody else would remember all the rest of the YA movie adaptations posters because THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME. #truth

To the VAmovie marketing team/Weinstein Company, THANK YOU FOR STEPPING OUT OF THE BOX AND DOING SOMETHING BOLD & NEW. BUT MOST OF ALL THANK YOU FOR PUTTING ROSE & LISSA ON THE MOVIE POSTER. SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU. *Epic friendship first. Epic romances can come later. ;)*

Also, welcome to all the new peeps in the fandom! And good luck cause heck, you’re gonna need it with this series. *understatement lol* All worth it though, I promise. :)

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 27 rambles

Six days after the release of Gaim ep 27, I am still 0% okay with any of what we saw in the flashbacks between Takatora and Ryoma.  All my kudos to the writing team for coming up with a backstory that was somehow even more painful than what I’ve been headcanoning all this time.

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