kudos to billie for the acting okay

You wanna know what I loved most about 5x09?

Oliver coming down to the lair, right after killing Billy, and showing the entire team Oliver Queen.

The broken, damaged, and heartbroken version of himself that the recruits have never seen before. 

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So far Curtis, Evelyn, Rory, and Rene have seen the scary versions in The Recruits and A Matter of Trust when Oliver beats them down continually and shows who is in charge. Like some of the recruits have said, he’s been terrifying. In So It Begins, we see a different Oliver…the daddy! Oliver. But he’s still scary; still the leader of the team. 

And then we see the mid-season finale. Oliver kills Billy. First of all, I have to give kudos to Stephen (as usual) for the acting in a couple of the scenes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It sounds sick, but I loved the part when he realized it wasn’t Prometheus he killed. The bow fell to the ground, and he staggered to the side. Perfect acting choice, as Oliver realized what he’d done. OKAY. Now back to what I was saying. Oliver comes down to the lair, utterly broken. The man who stands before these recruits now is not the man he’d allowed them to see for the previous seven episodes. 

He’s crying. 

He’s broken. 

It’s the Oliver Queen who we have seen in so many moments. 

The recruits haven’t seen this Oliver yet. And Oliver allows them to see it. He could have easily asked them to leave, or pulled Dig, Felicity, and Thea off to a different area of the bunker/cave. I know some people were saying that they wished Oliver had told Felicity privately about Billy’s death, but I think we should all be happy that he didn’t. This is the same Oliver hid William from Felicity and the team, and the same Oliver who has told more lies in a five year span then most of us in our lifetime. 

Generally, in moments of mourning/bad things happening, Oliver goes and hides. He’ll go to be by himself, often actively avoiding people. 

But this time, he went right to the lair and told everyone the truth. He showed the team that he’d grown, and learned from his mistakes. And that’s part of the reason why Prometheus won’t be able to turn the team against Oliver. There will be a higher level of respect for Oliver after this scene. 

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 Remember this? (And the rest of the scene that I can’t GIF because I’m not technologically smart.) 

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Oliver proved Curtis wrong in the mid-season finale. He’s not heartless and he respects people. He showed that by telling the entire team about what he did. 

And then this: 

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That scene in the bunker in 5x09 is the real Oliver Queen. The one the recruits saw for so long was the man who tries to stay strong at all times, and is terrifying. But the real man? He’s broken. He’s damaged. That’s who we saw. 

But the last part of the scene gives us another glimpse at him. When he accepts Diggle’s hug, it shows us the hope.. Two seasons ago, Oliver would’ve marched away and ignored the entire team. But this time, he didn’t. He let Diggle hug him. 

And that’s why we need to have hope for all of the story lines in the coming episodes!