We’re all assholes…

Arcane: entitled assholes
Earth: annoying assholes
 thoughtless assholes
Ice: selfish assholes
Light: pompous assholes
Lightning: whiny assholes
Plague: smug assholes
Nature: drama assholes
Shadow: 3edgy5u assholes
Water: boring assholes
Wind: bratty assholes

… but we’re all awesome.

Arcane: people are just so pink and don’t care about what others think that is rad as fuck
Earth: have you seen how inclusive and friendly they are, they’re like a flight full of people who will choke you with warm cookies and milk
 the puns thE PUNS oh my god you guys can make anyone laugh i swear
Ice: they talk so much sense it’s scary, i swear these people have seen and heard everything they’re like your walking conscience and impulse control
Light: look how driven they are if they want something they work damn hard for it holy shit
Lightning: have you seen their discipline and work ethic oh my god
Plague: holy shit so many med kids are you shitting me, the flight is so smart and hard-working and organized as fuck
Nature: i have been gift-bombed by 6 of you in the last month, you guys are the epitome of generosity
Shadow: they never complain. none. zip. zippo. something goes wrong? take it like a grown-ass adult and never point fingers. 
Water: people don’t shit on you for a reason, like you guys just have the most intense amount of manners that i just can’t take it hnNNNG
Wind: you guys are just so cool with everything oh my god “red looks orange-ish”? sweet. “flight rising down”? that’s okay. “coli is about to explode”? time for fucking corgis.

Can we just take a moment and celebrate how we all have flaws but we all have something that is irrefutably commendable?

No- one calls middle-aged dads who are obsessed with football teams crazy when they paint their chests in team colors and stand outside in 40 degree weather for all four quarters at an NFL game and buy jerseys and play fantasy football. They’re just passionate. But when you transpose all those characteristics — passion, merchandise, detail-oriented focus, spending money to see your favorites etc. — onto something that is traditionally for teen girls then all of a sudden it’s embarrassing and pitiable and that chaps my ass something wild.

Sometimes I’ll be off doing stuff - laundry, errands, work, hanging with friends - and then check AO3 and see that I’ve gotten kudos on something or will get an email about a comment and it never fails to blow my mind a little, that while I’m sorting socks or buying broccoli someone has been reading something I’ve written and gotten something out of it. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens. It is a thrill and an honor and a source of happiness every. single. time.

Thank you, all of you, who have ever left kudos and comments for any of us. It’s such a gift.

An update to the case of my mask being used as an asset on XBox marketplace! Disruptive Publishers reached out to me and will be compensating me for all sales earned from the assets and has pulled the items. I am overjoyed to be able to announce this- thank you to folks who shared your disappointment and THANK YOU to Disruptive for being stand-up about it. It’s great to see a company who cares about doing the right thing.


anonymous asked:

I just wanted to thank you for all your brilliant advice and help on this blog. I finally sat down and made a budget after you posted a guide a little while ago. That post has literally saved my bacon, I didn't realise how close I was to ruining my credit BIG TIME. Thank you so much, you little lovelies.

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I was born in the year 2000, so I'm lucky enough to not be an adult quite yet, but I gotta say; your blog has been very educational! even though I'm still running off a weekly allowance it's really nice to know how to balance a checkbook and what sort of stuff I'll want to do to now prepare for later in life... I just wanted to thank you for doing all this

At first I was like “Why is a little kid on tumblr?” 

And then I realized: 2000 was fifteen fucking years ago.

Anyway, thank you, teenager, for the kudos.

-The Sudden Adult

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Adulting win: not my own but someone else's. There's this blog I go to and they give lots of helpful advice and lately they've gotten so good at it there aren't many fails to post. Glad to see their efforts are paying off. *nudge nudge wink wink*

One thing about FR that I really appreciate is the way they did gems. Like yeah it’s a premium currency that can be bought, but there are tons of ways to get gems in-game. 

Every time I join other petsites, it seems like the only way to get the premium currency is to either buy it or work as a grossly underpaid artist for those who can afford to buy it. On FR, it’s not outrageously hard to get gems. You don’t absolutely have to pay real money to get them, even if you do have to and pinch and save. 

There are some items- KS stuff mainly- that probably aren’t obtainable without paying real life money. But, people who pay for stuff are always going to get more than those who don’t, which is okay.  

And I know a lot of the gems currently in the game probably came from those who bought them, but those little extra sources of gems take the pressure off poorer players, and allow them a way to succeed if they work for it, regardless of their irl financial position.

I’m just really grateful for that. 


Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast guessing police codes!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE | NYPD Radio Signal Codes Quiz: 10-50

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE | NYPD Radio Signal Codes Quiz: 10-34

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE | NYPD Radio Signal Codes Quiz: 10-11

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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE | NYPD Radio Signal Codes Quiz: 10-10

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Okay, fandom detectives.  Pull out your death frisbees, because something a bit weird is going on.

So I was chatting earlier with my darling holmesianpose, as one does.

And she mentioned in passing that she had a sudden out of nowhere spike in kudos for Thirst, her most well-known fic.

Interesting to me, as I told her, because over last night I had a similar odd spike in kudos for Lines Written in Kensington Gardens.

Generally speaking, my older fics usually get two or three kudos a day at most. Last night? Kensington Gardens got TWENTY TWO.

So holmesianpose popped over and had a quick look-see, and as it turns out, quite a few of our new kudos are from the same usernames.

Check it out:

This is my kudos email for Kensington Gardens:

This is her kudos from her A03 for Thirst:

There are a LOT of the very same usernames. And they’re not the ‘usual’ fandom folks…these are people who don’t seem to be in the Sherlock orbit, at least not in the usual way.

holmesianpose is thinking maybe there is a class being taught on fanfiction or Sherlock Holmes interpretations, with our fics being assigned reading. That would be super cool, and I would be flattered and impressed if that would be the case!

Any theories? Any Ideas? This happening to anyone else, or anyone out there with inside knowledge of what’s going on?