The R debates were annoying until I started to call people who’re obsessed with R “rheatheists”.
Rheatheism (“All hail the drama queen!”) and Antirheatheism (“R is the Devil! Her minions are blind and corrupted!”). Beautiful.
Your rhealigious war is amazing. Please don’t stop.

No- one calls middle-aged dads who are obsessed with football teams crazy when they paint their chests in team colors and stand outside in 40 degree weather for all four quarters at an NFL game and buy jerseys and play fantasy football. They’re just passionate. But when you transpose all those characteristics — passion, merchandise, detail-oriented focus, spending money to see your favorites etc. — onto something that is traditionally for teen girls then all of a sudden it’s embarrassing and pitiable and that chaps my ass something wild.

While the international community drags it’s feet on the Ebola crisis, #Cuba has sent 165 health professionals to Freetown Sierra Leone, the largest medical team of any other nation. 300 more #Cuban doctors and nurses will also go to Liberia and Guinea.

Although Cuba is far from a “wealthy” country, it’s universal health-care system allows them to export heath workers, 50K in 66 countries to be exact. Often responding to foreign health crises (like Katrina) at an extensive rate. #kudos #afrocuban

i keep seeing some variation of this ad everywhere and i keep laughing because of it. i have no idea what it’s desperately attempting to advertise, but it seems to randomly choose something based off of the page i’m on and is like “i sEE U R PLAYIN A DRAgn game AND YOI HAVE EGGS do u want to buy biRD BIRDS AND Go map a mAP??/?” and i keep losing it.

thank you, strange ads for who knows what.

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I just wanted to thank you for all your brilliant advice and help on this blog. I finally sat down and made a budget after you posted a guide a little while ago. That post has literally saved my bacon, I didn't realise how close I was to ruining my credit BIG TIME. Thank you so much, you little lovelies.

i’m so so so so so so happy that baby declan is here. something that i’ve noticed though…. where are all the post congratulating elisa on literally BIRTHING A HUMAN. like, she GAVE LIFE to that adorable little baby boy who looks so healthy and happy.

so fucking kudos to elisa for everything she did yesterday.

kudos to elisa for carrying that baby around for the past nine months

kudos to elisa for dealing with patrick being gone on tour during a good majority of her pregnancy

kudos to elisa for sharing a picture of her child with all of us

kudos to elisa for making patrick stump a dad and probably the happiest man in the world.

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I was born in the year 2000, so I'm lucky enough to not be an adult quite yet, but I gotta say; your blog has been very educational! even though I'm still running off a weekly allowance it's really nice to know how to balance a checkbook and what sort of stuff I'll want to do to now prepare for later in life... I just wanted to thank you for doing all this

At first I was like “Why is a little kid on tumblr?” 

And then I realized: 2000 was fifteen fucking years ago.

Anyway, thank you, teenager, for the kudos.

-The Sudden Adult

I’ve been up since 4am; no more sleep for me unfortunately. But then I go and check AO3 (MAN am I ever glad I was on a plane when the whole “AO3 crash of 2k15” happened lmao) and saw that the Stucky pretend boyfriends AU broke 1000 kudos. That’s amazing, thank you all so much. Incidentally, I might try and get a little bit of writing done on that this morning *fingers crossed*