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Below: fics listed by date (newest first).

All are fluffy, romantic AUs unless otherwise noted~

Total word count: 2,289,552 (whoa)







  • Shadows Across the Camera Lens (13k / smut, dominant bottom photographer!Cas, submissive top crossdressing underwear model!Dean)
  • Winchester’s Rouge (6k / canon, angst, Dean tries on makeup and remembers his mother)
  • Dean’s List (3k / Dean writes a list of men he’d ~go gay~ for, Sam has a suggestion to make, bisexual!Dean)
  • Faerie Strange Circumstances (30k / alternate-universe hunters, fairy!Cas, fairy realm adventures, Bobby’s house, Charlie, Jody)
  • Nobody’s Daddy (3k / accidental baby acquisition, Dean breastfeeds, then Cas arrives with actual milk)
  • The Feline Perspective of a Guilty Conscience (51k / canon divergent - season 9, hurt/comfort, Dean transformed into a cat, sad angel!Cas, Team Free Will, forgiveness)
  • Foxfire Blossom (283k / florist!Dean, rich!Cas, affairs, soap opera-level drama, sex, highly problematic lies, and cheating, ALL the characters)
  • For a Scarf in October (1k / canon, Halloween, Dean wants to buy a ~women’s~ scarf, Sam tells him it’s okay)
  • Manscaping (6k / canon, Cas cuts himself shaving his junk, Dean does first aid, boners)
  • Foal Delivery Service (4k / fusion with ‘My Little Pony’ - kid pony!Dean finds out how heteronormative the world is, then meets agender pony!Cas, have baby ponies together)
  • Of All the Bars in the World (There Are None Between Us) (2k / prison, Dean and Cas are cellmates, discuss past and future intimacy)
  • Sharing Hands (6k / canon - season 8, smut, Cas is possessing Dean, masturbate together)
  • Play Nice, Kids (10k / alternate canon, reverse-verse, angel winged!Dean, wing kink masturbation, sex toys)
  • Bad Things With You (31k / alternate canon, smut, catboy!Dean, catboy!Cas, mating urges, biting, licking, fake relationship is actually real)
  • Cowboys and Real Estate Angels (36k / bisexual retired musician cowboy!Dean, old fan!Cas, lovemaking, falling in love in one night)
  • Try-Something Tuesday (48k / my most popular fic of all time, teacher!Dean, librarian teacher!Cas, smut in strange places, school trips, moving in together)
  • Hello Night (11k / historical, demon possessing Dean, priest!Cas, crossroads sex to save Dean, Cas/demon & Cas/Dean)


  • Angelhawke (407k / epic medieval fantasy, Dean and Cas are cursed to be animals in the day/night, travel with Sam and Bobby as they tell their story in flashbacks, quest to be together, based on ‘Ladyhawke’ but ~70% original story)

And of course there are MORE FICS ON THEIR WAY. So many fics. ♥

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Clover: Berry… do I really have to do this?

Altair [off]: It’s what the people want, Clover! You’ve got to!

Clover: People want me to go on reality tv and date a bunch of random strangers and eventually marry one of them?

Altair: Of course they do.

Cover: But I just got a cat…

Altair: CLOVER!

Clover: It’s just… so embarrassing.

Altair: It will be fine. Why don’t you tell them about yourself?

Clover: Hello Simblr! I am Clover Fir. I’m a 36 year old fashion designer from Peanut Brittle Bay. Currently I am being blackmailed by my best friend–

[Altair coughs off camera]

Clover: [defeated sigh] After a long time of being single I’m getting ready to settle down and you, yes, you, just might be the berry I am looking for. 

Altair: Good! Now smile pretty for the camera!

Altair: Oooh! That’s good!

The Challenge:

- We are looking for 5 Sims to compete in a bachelorette challenge.

- Any color berry is fine!

- Clover is straight, so male sims only please!

- Submit by Friday October 26th

- Must be a cat lover (Altair: Clover, please stop with the cats already)

Please tag your posts #cloverbc and @ me so I can see them! I look forward to your submissions!

Sakura Side (1/3)

Summary: When Ran forces him to succumb to the will of fate, letting a coin decide his every action for the span of a week, Shinichi gets more out of than he’d expected. KaiShin.

Notes: This is a birthday fic for @bakathief!! I love you a lot and can only wish you the best day, and hope for ongoing health and happiness this upcoming year! Thanks for being an amazing friend again this year!

“Let me guess,” Ran says, as Shinichi joins her in the university cafeteria, balancing his tray with one hand as he pulls back a chair. “Inside that bowl, you’ve got curry udon, because it’s cheap and you didn’t have time to pick up a bento on your way to class.”

Shinichi offers her the driest expression that he can, places the tray down and sits. He says, “Wow, it’s almost as if you know me.

Breaking his chopsticks, he lifts them up, glances at the udon. He can’t help that it’s good quality for a cheap price, and that he’s poor. He’d promised himself when he’d gotten in to university that he wasn’t going to rely on his parent’s money, and since his part-time job is crappy, curry udon is the best he can afford right now.

“Even if I didn’t know you,” Ran says, “I’m pretty sure I’d know to guess curry udon. Don’t the staff here know to keep a bowl back for you in case you’re late out of class?”

Shinichi leans down, pulls open his backpack, and throws both a notebook and a textbook on the table. After a few seconds, realising that Ran is staring, waiting for a response, he huffs out a sigh.

“They know me,” Shinichi says. “Else they wouldn’t keep it back for me.”

“No,” Ran says, “You’re predictable, that’s how they know.”

[Read the rest on AO3]

A teenager with shoulder length and light colored hair stood in front of the class and gave a short and formal introduction. “Nice to meet you. My name is Shiho Miyano. Please take a good care of me” She gave a slight bow to her new classmates. Class 2-A of Teitan High School had taken great interest in the new student and starts to ask her some personal questions.

“Where are you from?”

“Why did you transferred in the middle of the school year?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

With the attention on the new girl, Shiho Miyano, no one in the classroom noticed the back door quietly opening and closing as a boy with a cowlick stealthily sneaked into a seat in the back row. Save for the girl up front who noticed that her partner had finally decided to join the class.

“Alright class, you can get to know her on your own time.” said their teacher. “But for now, go sit next to Ran.” the teacher instructed Shiho, and the girl with long dark hair, Ran,  smiled and raised her hand so Shiho can find her seat next to her.

When Ai Haibara first arrived in Teitan Elementary, she brushed past eager students offering seats next to them and took a seat right next to the shrunken detective.

Shiho Miyano recalled the memory from her past life, starts to walk toward the seats, walked pass Ran Mouri, shared a knowing look with the boy that came late and took the seat right next to no longer shrunken detective, Shinichi Kudo.

Do you ever reread a fic that you love and even though you know you already gave it kudos before, you click the button to do it again because you wish that you could leave more to let the author know that not only did you love it the first time but you loved it each subsequent time you came back to it? Because this is a thing I do.

Sometimes I’ll be off doing stuff - laundry, errands, work, hanging with friends - and then check AO3 and see that I’ve gotten kudos on something or will get an email about a comment and it never fails to blow my mind a little, that while I’m sorting socks or buying broccoli someone has been reading something I’ve written and gotten something out of it. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens. It is a thrill and an honor and a source of happiness every. single. time.

Thank you, all of you, who have ever left kudos and comments for any of us. It’s such a gift.

In Defense of Kudos

Confession- Kudos make me HAPPY.

I keep every story comment and every Kudos email from Ao3.

That one click per reader is a good thing. I’m blessed that they come regularly, nearly every day.  It gives me a lift to see a new person leave kudos on more than one of my stories.  I ‘SQUEE’ and say, for instance, “Hey there, ClockWeasel.  Welcome! Thank you for all the love!  I wish I could hug you right now.”  :)  It tells me they liked one of my stories enough that they looked for more from me.  

It makes me want to finish WIPS and write more stories. 

So, yeah, comments and reblogs are AMAZING.  It’s a dream come true to read a thoughtful question or insight RE a story that I put thought and time and effort into. 

But, Kudos matter, too.

Thank you to every reader who has given me the gift of Kudos!


He’ll get through it with Aizawa’s help, I’m sure.


Simple tips for understanding and increasing (fanfiction) reader feedback:

Desiring feedback is the perennial state of pretty much every fanfic writer I know. Fortunately, it is possible to increase the feedback you receive with a few simple and respectful tips! Unfortunately, there are many factors which are outside the writer’s control when it comes to receiving feedback, so you should be aware of those, but don’t worry about them. 

Writing quality is subjective. We should always strive for quality, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up over it or compare ourselves to other writers. All that does is slow you down, which in turn stifles your improvement. You are only ever competing against yourself. So I’m going to start with a few reasons why your fic might not be getting the feedback you think it deserves, before diving in to ways you can improve that.

- Fandom size: larger fandom will, naturally, have more readers. You should scale your expectation of Hits, Kudos, and Comments accordingly. In theory, if you’re starving for feedback you should focus your attention on larger fandoms, but I don’t recommend that. You should write what you’re passionate about.

- Fandom timing: The day after the sequel film hits the theater you’re going to have an inrush of fans who are looking for fixit, romance, canon AU, or any number of needs the film/book/comic release etc left them with but did not fulfill. Unfortunately, writing takes time, especially for long pieces. Audience interest tapers off over that same time, with the occasional bump from a DVD release or a sequel announcement to remind people of that thing they love. 

Also, maybe you’re writing for a large fandom like the MCU, but it’s either flooded with writers or it’s been a while since they had a film focusing on your corner of it. Don’t despair that just because it’s a large fandom and you’re not getting attention that it’s necessarily a quality issue. It may just be there’s too much out there or there’s new, different content to disseminate and that’s where the majority of focus is.

- Reader trust: It takes time to build up an audience, and you need to be gentle with yourself and with your expectations of feedback during that time. Even if you’re the greatest writer in the world, your first fic in a new fandom doesn’t necessarily come with a lot to recommend it. You’re relying on curiosity or boredom from readers scrolling randomly through the section, especially if you don’t promote yourself elsewhere or have readers who are following you from a prior fandom. There’s a lot out there, and like with published books, many readers just stick to authors they already like and trust, or they may just have one specific idea they want to read which your story doesn’t fit, or they just don’t intend to spend a lot of time in the fandom (which not everyone does!) and they rely on kudos/comment/hit count to tell them based on other readers what has been considered to be popular (which is not always the same as good!) so don’t take it personally. Sometimes it’s just a product of fandom timing. Having that solidly written movie fix-it ready within the week the film came out will tend to shoot a story to the top of the list, even if a “higher quality” one comes out later. 

Perennial rule for fanfic writers: do not compare yourself to other writers based on these metrics. There’s room enough for everyone. A larger number of fics in a fandom tends to INCREASE the number of readers, not decrease the amount of attention to go around. The presence of other fics and fic writers helps you, it doesn’t hurt you. You are colleagues, not competition. With that in mind, you should not be afraid to promote fellow fic writers! It’s very likely they will return the favor, but even if they don’t (and that’s fine!), it’s just a nice thing to do and makes you a positive member of fandom, which we should all strive to be. This can also serve as an aspect of winning reader trust if you are a known, positive entity in fandom.

With that in mind, let’s dive in to tips to increasing reader feedback. Most of my tips are going to focus on how to build an audience by increasing reader trust, the one thing a writer actually has some control over. See those below the cut.

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